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4天3夜曼谷,我穿什么!? 附加影片4 Days Bangkok Lookbook 2018 - BFF Theme (VIDEO) !!

Here's come the second post of my Bangkok Trip! Not sure if you guys had already check out the lookbook video that I already share in my Facebook Page. So here's the pictorial version of all my looks I wear to my Bangkok Trip. In this post, I will feature some of our BFF look we plan throughout the trip too. Nothing too fancy, but I'm glad that we manage to pull it through!

There's just plenty of photos to go through! I try my best to filter and choose only photos that I really like to share in this post. Be sure to scroll until the last xoxo

I will start each of my outfit with our BFF theme look for the day! At first, we bought one BFF outfit in Fashgrace and wanted to wear during our first day in Bangkok. Turns out the order got wrong and we couldn't receive the outfit before our trip. Here's our DAY 1 BFF look, with any color tee and a pair of short jeans! The outcome is so nice plus the colors that we each wear contrast to each other too

For Day 1 outfit, since we need to travel and walk to a lot of places so I'm thinking to wear something more comfy and easy moving. We went to a lot of Pink Shop too so we did spend some time to think of what the BEST color or OUTFIT to match with all the Pink Shop hahaha. 

Wearing something contrast like bolder color, red and yellow looks so great with all the pink background! I try not to blend with the pink shop by wearing pastel or even dreamier color. But is really up to you to decide on what kind of theme you want to do.

I can't believe we actually visit almost all the pink shops that we want to visit in just one day! The tips with no people photobomb behind or waiting for the line for photos is visit the store at night! Haha because we visit all the shop when the time they almost close. It was a close call but we insist to visit all the shops in our list. However, it will be best to actually visit in the daytime where you have better lighting!

Outfit Details

On me
Top | Taobao
Bottom | Brands Outlet

On her

Move on to our Day 2 outfit, probably you guys have seen it in my social media already! Since we need to visit this beautiful flower cafe on that day, we wear a white base floral top for cafe hopping. Guess what on the left (Nicole), top she wears is one of her hauls on day 1! 

I didn't change to any fancy bottom but just feel like this kind of vintage top best match with anything tight like tight long jeans or even short jeans.

Will share more of the photos in this cafe in my upcoming post!!

To add more fun element to my outfit, I match with my fun embroidery chokers that coincidentally match with my top as well. The top has cute little red roses all over and with the white base, it makes the roses extra cute and pretty!

Not forget that we bring our own Unicorn Horn to take some fun photos at Unicorn Cafe, Bangkok too! Glad that the outfit is not too colorful or overpowering the photo. We didn't try or rent the unicorn outfit in the cafe. What you guys think about wearing their Unicorn outfit in the cafe?

Outfit Details

On me
Top | Taobao

On her
Top | Cintage Official
Bottom | Calliope

Day 3 outfit now! We manage to find this BFF top when we shop at Chatuchak Weekend Market on Day 2. Not only that, we both actually bought the entire outfit from Bangkok and wear it on Day 3. Since I only bring one pant for the Bangkok trip, I need to buy a new bottom for me to wear on this trip. Nothing pre-plan, saw this cute pastel top while shopping. Want to buy mou? Ok onz!

Entire look from Bangkok, include the sandal!

Since we skip one-morning market to visit, I am being really extra to style this whole look, I tie a half tie and Curl my hair in the morning. I am really happy with the outcome because I just bring one small travel hair straightening and it was my first time using it to curl my hair! 

We shoot this look after dinner so I assume all my curls have become loose and straight. Love my fancy earrings too that I got it from Taobao. Oh! We did plan for a pink outfit on our Bangkok trip, therefore, I decided to bring this fun and pink earrings to accessorize.

Lucky us manage to find someone pass by to help us take this BFF outfit together! For Day 3 outfit, we didn't really shoot many photos is because most of the time we are shopping in a mall. Not much pretty cafe or shop that we visit. This colorful background is from Terminal 21.

Outfit Details

On me
Top | Chatuchak Market
Bottom | Choosedress
Sandal | Union Mall

On her
Top | Chatuchak Market
Bottom | Choosedress

Here comes our DAY 4 BFF outfit! All from Bangkok and didn't realize that we both wore long pants outfit. For Nicole, her style is more to hip-hop rock style and for me, my style is more to feminine artistic style. Nevertheless, I feel that both different style we compliment each other look!

For this entire outfit, I already scroll through the shop Instagram and decided to get this entire set back home! Although it doesn't have the color I wanted, my first choice is blue and yellow. But since I am here in Bangkok, I just decided to buy the remaining color outfit left! Left no regret ok XD

Accessories from Sunglasses, Earrings, and Chokers! I am glad that I brought a lot of chokers with me. It's been a while since I wear a choker together with my outfit. 

Love some of the shots inside this VIP room!

I love this duo chrome color of my pants! Although white color seems a bit off I glad it still looks CHIO on me hahaha. Wearing with my new white sandal, I'm feeling like Japanese now hahaha! I really love the style and design of the pants. When I first saw it, I was like doubting the cutting and design looks on me. Luckily I tried and immediately I fall in love with the cutting and style!

Outfit Detail

On me
Top and Bottom | Chamnii
Sandal | Union Mall

On her
Top | Choosedress
Bottom | Chatuchak Market

Ending my 4 Days Bangkok Lookbook post here! Thanks for reading until the end. I wish I could post more photos but I feel that this post is really long-winded already. Lastly please feel free to watch my Bangkok Lookbook video too.

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My Bangkok Lookbook

Check out all my Bangkok post here. I used to visit Bangkok 5 years ago. 

Till Then.

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