Time for a beauty review on my blog, this time I will be introduced to this Perfectly Nude CC Cushion from Wada Malaysia. It was my first time heard about this brand as well. In this post, I will share my experience using this CC cushion to you guys. 

As I also been a BB Cushion lover before, this CC cushion is another whole level of cushion. Definitely was something new for me to try out. 

Perfectly Nude CC Cushion


Light Textured
Less likely to cake on the face to provide natural coverage without burdening the skin

Care for Skin
Enriched with Hyaluronic Acids and SPF35 PA++ to protects and hydrates delicate skin for daily use.

Perfectly Nude
CC Cushion Foundation SPF 35 PA++, The perfect companion for a nude look every day, all occasion.

It only comes in one shade means perfect for those Chinese Asian skin tone. Of course, I do hope that they come out with a few more range of color range so that it suitable for those has darker skin tone. I will try out the shade on my skin and hand as well if you curious about the coverage and how this shade looks on my skin.

The entire packaging of this Perfectly Nude CC Cushion is super minimal with only white packaging and the white cushion puff. There's the logo Wada in the front cover casing as well. It does not come in a heavy scented smell as well. The Puff is quite stiff but still it easy to use and apply the foundation on the skin nicely.


Can you see the differences? 

On the right side of my hand, you can clearly see that my skin tone has become fairer and glowing skin too. I never thought that my skin tone becomes so much fairer though even though I am not a tan skin girl. 

Bare Face

Applying Perfectly Nude CC Cushion on my skin now. With a little amount of the Perfectly Nude CC Cushion, you can easily apply it all over your face. It was so liquidy and dewy feeling when you apply on face.

Check out the After and Before on my skin! My dull skin immediately brightening up after applying Perfectly Nude CC Cushion. The coverage of this cushion is considered as Natural to Medium coverage. It doesn't really have a full coverage on the face, especially my dark eyes circle area.

Full face applying Perfectly Nude CC Cushion. It doesn't make my skin looks too white or too fair. But it blends onto face easily to even out skin tones and covers up skin imperfections naturally. I can clearly see that my skin feel so much dewy and glowing after applying Perfectly Nude CC Cushion on my skin. It just leaves my skin smooth and dewy and stays fresh for a long hour wearing it the whole day long.

How it looks on my skin after 6 hours! You can notice that the CC cushion actually did oxidize throughout the day that it becomes matches with my skin tone. It did like crack a little around my nose area which is normally dry. But overall it still sits on my skin nicely that I did not do any touch up at all. 

Natural ☆☆☆☆☆
Coverage ☆☆☆
Brightens ☆☆☆
Dewy ☆☆☆☆
Long Wear ☆☆☆☆

Where to get?

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*Even though products were sent for review purpose. However, it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.

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