Celebrated on 4 October every year, World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare. With a mission to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe, this annual celebration which dates back to 1925 unites the international animal welfare movement, mobilizing it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.

To coincide with World Animal Day, Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park – an interactive and educational zoo featuring more than 150 species-specific exhibits of exotic animals and a diverse range of birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals from around the world – held a special campaign to promote its initiatives towards sustainability.

In recent times, the Wildlife Park at Sunway Lagoon has stepped up efforts towards being more sustainable. Among these, Sunway Lagoon announced its support towards two of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations. The SDG programme contains a total of 17 goals which the United Nations aims to achieve by the year 2030. It is a universal call to action, in a bid to end poverty, protect the planet and to ensure that all people can enjoy the diverse richness which Mother Nature exudes.

Of these 17 goals, Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park has, without equivocation, committed to supporting two of these goals. These include Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal #12), aimed at ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns and Life on Land (Goal #15), which aims to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. 

The World Animal Day celebrations at Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park also took on an exciting yet heartwarming turn this year, when the park announced the arrival of its latest ‘resident’ – a new sun bear cub born on 3rd July 2018.

Check out who's the new addition animal in Sunway Lagoon Wild Life Park, Sun Bear Club!

It's only 3 months old by the time we visited him. He was super active where he keeps on exploring around and couldn't stay still for a photo! I would say he is super adorable like a curious kid who loves to play with new things around him. He still doesn't have a name yet so Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park is organizing a contest to name this new bear cub too.

Guests were specially invited to Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park’s World Animal Day celebrations. Wildlife enthusiasts, both young and old enjoyed a host of activities and initiatives specially curated to mark this meaningful celebration. These included a special appearance by the sun bear cub, a display by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN), a multi-animal show, a contest to name the new sun bear cub and many more activities.

A scavenger hunt aptly titled WAD-a-quest. After we are brief with the scavenger hunt, we are flagged off to find 10 correct QR code around Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park. There is also a mixture of fake QR code too, beware and have fun exploring around Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park.

Save the Earth Pledge Wall, where visitors can mark their pledge towards protecting and preserving Mother Nature. I have done my part signing and pledge to protects and take care of Mother Nature.

Sunway Lagoon will also be presenting one of the most unique and wildest dining experiences at its Wildlife Park together with some of its animals, which include its White Lions, Black Panther, and White-handed Gibbons. While we are here dining, the White Lions got curious and come to visit us too. This place can accommodate up to 20-30 pax people. If you want to experience dining with animals, do call and check out Sunway Lagoon website for more info. I really enjoy myself while dining with the wild, with the view of the majestic White Lions.  

We get to hands-on making enrichment items for the animals too! For my group, we are making some fun bamboo containers for porcupine. Each of the enrichment items is new for the animals here in Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park. We are really excited and curious about what will the animals react when they are fed by all these enrichment items that we made for the animals!

Porcupine is only active at night! But with their sensitive sensory when their favorite is served on the enrichment items, they all rush out from sleep and dig into their food. It was such a cute scene to see everyone super anticipating with their enrichment item. 

Video is up with my short VLOG with my day at Sunway Lagoon WildLife Park with the animals!!

Graced by Her Excellency Julia Bentley, the Canadian High Commissioner in Malaysia, activities at the day-long event included appearances by some of the animals at Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park, which students had the opportunity to feed and pet; a talk by Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park Rangers and a quiz and prize giveaway. Students also had the opportunity to participate in the contest to name the Wildlife Park’s new sun bear, and sign the Pledge Wall, which was also set up in the school compound. Students also received discount vouchers, which were redeemable towards Sunway Lagoon’s entrance fee. 

For more information, call 603 5639 0000, visit www.sunwaylagoon.com  or connect to www.facebook.com/SunwayLagoonMalaysia

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