How do you guys deal with acne prone skin all the times? For me, although my skin is not so much of breakout on and off I still have some break out on my face especially when I late sleep or pre-period time too. It's really a pain in the ass whenever there's big acne pop out! 

Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. To prevent this, we have to make sure that we clean our face thoroughly but how can we ensure that our face is clean even though after cleansing??

Today post I will share you guys about this Swissvita Acne Control that helps to fight Acne. In this post, I will share the before after the usage of Swissvita Acne Control. 

Swissvita Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream 100g (Left)

Known as Acne Fighter

Product Features
1. Remove Dead Skin
2. Inhibit the overproduction of sebum
3. Natural Plant Extract Formula
4. Zero Redness/ Zero Sensitivity
5. Non-Drying/Non-Irritating

Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner 120ml (Right)

High-performance acne-fighting cleanser 
100% Alcohol-Free
Medical-grade product
Suitable for everyday usage
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Product Features
1. Tighten Pores
2. Boost skin metabolism
3. Stops the overproduction of sebum
4. Prevent blemishes and pimples from forming
5. Remove dead skin cells
6. Moisturize skin
7. Skin-repairing

Both of the products are
Fragrance-Free | Paraben-Free | MI Free | MCI Free

For the top photo actually, there's a small bump on the forehead area. I started to use Swissvita Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream and Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner immediately where I notice there's acne on my face. To my surprise, the acne is gone completely after 2 days of using Swissvita Acne Control solution, especially on my forehead area.

Whenever I reach back home, the first thing I do is using Swissvita Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream to wash and clean all the dirt and impurities on my face.

Face before cleansing!

This Swissvita Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream texture is pretty milky and has a slight scent (not fragrance) which I can't describe as it is. To be honest I really like the texture where is milky and rich where it is pretty gently to skin.

Dispense an appropriate amount of product onto hands, add water and work into a lather. You can massage gently all onto wet face, focus on the T-zone if necessary (that's what I always do). Massage until you feel your face is really clean and clear. You may rinse thoroughly with warm water after.

I love my clean squeaky face after using Swissvita Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream. My skin feels so soft and non-oily texture too!! This product is suitable for all skin types including pregnant women and sensitive skin condition. This cleanser helps to shrink the appearance of pores, helps to cleanse blackheads and whiteheads.

Move on to Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner. This is an SOS solution for those who have pores issues such as Large and Clogged Pores. If your face suffers from Adult Acne and Hormonal Acne and also good for those who have oily skin issues!

Shake well before use, make sure to mix the oil-absorbing powders together. I always prefer using a cotton pad to apply toner on my face

This unique oil-control active from Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner help balance the trace of oil which results from T-Zone. Meantime with the Caviar Lime extract it gently remove the dead skin cells. It also contains Arginine to moisture and achieves skin repairing for your skin.


I can't believe that the oil surface on my face is so unattractive, and this where bacteria like to grow and hence with the production of Acne on the face.


I feel my skin is super soft and excessive sebum area such as T-Zone, Cheeks area has never felt so clean and light-weight before. Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner contains Organic Willow Herb Extract that inhibits overproduction of sebum, minimizes pores, skin calming effect. Where your skin does not produce excessive oil or sebum, but this Swissvita Acne Control series helps deep clarify your pores, improve the oily skin texture and acne problem with high efficiency. I do not feel that the products have caused any dryness to my skin, it helps control excessive sebum but also leave my skin super soft and hydrates too!

End my post here with my bare clean face photo using Swissvita Acne Control Solution. I never thought that the Swissvita Acne Control series product is super nice and gentle to use for my skin! Not forget their Serum has a really good review too when you apply straight to your acne area, it pretty much clear after 2-3 days!

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*Even though products were sent for review purpose. However, it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.

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