Can't wait to share this good news with you girls!! Last two weeks ago, I have been introduced to new products from Candour, that is this 3 miracles revitalize hair care series that originally made in Korea. Now is available sales in Malaysia, and all other Asia countries too. I am the few lucky people to able to hands on this goodness and experience the 3 seconds miracle for my hair. To summarise, my hair condition has been bleach and color for more than 6 times for the past two years. 

Congrats to Candy for this first ever big launch for C.Formulae. This will be the first ever web-based business (微商) launching an official big launching product event at a big shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid. CANDOUR has brought web-based business (微商) to another level of achievement!

Merely started for a year, CANDOUR launches a newly established own product, C.formulae (shampoo). Candy described this achievement as “CANDOUR International Reborn Big Project”, and even traveled to Korea to participate in product development and manufacturing process. She emphasized that the product is “100% Made in Korea”, including product packaging, raw materials, and formulae. “Our beauty product focuses mainly on hair care product series and will be cooperating with Korea. In the field of beauty products, Korea is regarded as the most developed country. A lot of consumers look up to Korea’s products and this is due to good quality, raw materials, and formulae. Therefore, we want to be the first beauty industry’s brand that secured an international cooperation tie with Korea, advancing in the global market and becoming an international brand.”

Candy mentioned that the collaboration between CANDOUR and Korea aims to break down social stereotype towards web-based business. “I think that people often misunderstand web-based business, they think that web-based business products are of low quality, no guarantee and never produce a good result, but in fact these are misconceptions.”  So other than providing a more convenient way for consumers for product purchasing, the initial aim of CANDOUR is also to create an affordable and high-quality beauty product brand. Moreover, C.formulae, the latest product, has an astonishing “3 Seconds Miracle” effect. “We must never forget our mission and original intention when we launch a new product, which is the mentality to help others, and this is the main reason for us to establish the hair care series.” Candy emphasized that changes will immediately occur at the third second of hair wash, “3 seconds of hair washing can reborn your hair cells, and so for those who have damage of hair cells, CANDOUR will be a good repairing product. Since there is a market demand, being able to answer those demands is a very good accomplishment for us.” Many females will definitely be in need and expectation toward this “Miracle” product because most of us dream to have smooth and silky hair.

Other than launching a new product, CANDOUR also surprises a lot by securing a partnership with Yumi Wong, who was once shortlisted for the Hundred Most Beautiful Faces 2017. Yumi is generally known for her character in Ah Beng: Mission Impossible. Since then, she had participated in a lot of film and TV works, including Best Friend, The Tag-Along, Phoenix Legend, and costume drama Crazy Queen. She had also collaborated with  Ryan Zheng and Raymond Lam for a crime drama The Mask this year. 
Candy and Yumi had known each other for five years, “She was a brand representative that time, and I was a staff of the brand’s event. Through these years, we have seen each other grown, I am always impressed by Yumi’s professionalism and her passion towards her works. And Yumi had told me that she is greatly impressed by my spirit in a business establishment.”

Before collaborating with CANDOUR, Yumi had received a lot of invitations from other brands, but she thinks that a common belief and perception are very important, and she found this in Candy. “Yumi is a public figure, so she believes that she has to bear a huge responsibility when she takes up a role of product representative. As she understands me and  CANDOUR well, she has confidence in us which thus enabling a partnership to be forged among us.” Candy and Yumi both believe that there is a huge space for development in the hair product industry, and thus such mutual understanding has also successfully lead to their partnership. Despite her busy schedules in China, Yumi insisted to turn up for the product launching event in Malaysia in order to show her sincerity. 

Despite her young age, Candy is very ambitious and has come up with the blueprint of the company for the next 5 to 10 years. “Our aim is for CANDOUR to be listed in the market, and also to establish more subsidiary companies. Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, we hope that we can make use of the propagation power of the Internet to build up our brand. Thereafter, when CANDOUR has become a popular and reliable brand, major brands will be convinced to forge a partnership with us.” The eagerness in listing the company in the market is not due to pursuing after profits, Candy clearly understands that with the rapidly changing Internet environment, if the company failed to bring forth new ideas and follow the trend, it will soon be eliminated. “I have to take care of those who establish their web-based business with me; I have to ensure that they have a sustainable business and future.” Candy understands the difficulty of starting and sustaining a business, “So we have to keep bringing forth new ideas under a rapidly changing environment, sustaining our company so that more people have more opportunities, and more agents have a better prospect. At the same time, we can help more people to fulfill their dream.”  

Right: C.Formulae Intensive Hydro Treatment 150ml
Left: C.Formulae Intensive Revitalizing Shampoo 300ml

Suffer from frizzy dry hair? Split end? My hair will be very frizzy and dry by end of the day. Time to freshen up myself by washing away all the dirt and frizziness of my hair!

C.Formulae Intensive Revitalizing Shampoo 300ml

Main Benefits

Soothing, Protecting Scalp
Oil Control
Hair Smoothening
Keep hair well-nourished
Refreshing Scents
Stimulating hair growth
Prevent hair loss

Main Ingredients

Biotin - Prevent hair loss, and prevents the growth of white hair. Increases elasticity of hair coat, promote the growth of hair for a longer, healthier and thicker hair.
Panthenol - Improve damage hair, hair elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibility. The most effective softener that can moisturize hair for a long period. The feeling after use is very refreshing!!
17 Amino Complex - Collagen replenishment, hair loss prevention and rejuvenation that makes your hair shines and moisture all the time! It also helps to delay the growth of white hair and reduce UV exposure
Cocamide Dea - Capturing oily dirt in your hair, making it easier to rinse off.
Citric Acid - Oil Control, improve dandruff problems, antibacteria and deodorization.
Tropolone - Promotes hair growth and deodorization.
Sodium Hyaluronate  Forms a layer of protection on the surface of the hair, moisturizing, lubricating, hair care, static elimination.
Scutellaria Baicalenis Root Extract - Anti-dandruff, reduce itching, refreshing root, and scalp, hypoallergenic.

When you first squeeze the product out, you will able to smell a sweet light scent of the shampoo on your hand. It is still not too heavy and I love the sweet scent on my hair. There goes me enjoying my washing hair time with C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care. Gently massage your hair for around 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse off after.

C.Formulae Intensive Hydro Treatment 150ml

Main Benefits

Repair Damaged hair ends
Hair smoothening
Solving tangled hair problems
Collagen replenishment
Shining and Moisturizing

Main Ingredients

Olive Oil - Softens hair and promotes hair growth. Dissolves sebum, cleanse the scalp and removes dandruff. Rejuvenating hair for more shiny and healthy hair texture. Prevent hair-splitting and hair dryness.
Glycerin - Lock the moisture into the hair, improves hair health and hair growth. Effectively prevent static electricity.
Cetrimonium Chloride - Anti-Static effect, easier to rinse off water and stain, deodorization, and prevent microbial growth.
Cetearyl alcohol - Often used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener use, suppress any greasy feeling.
Phenoxyethanol - Antibacterial, antiseptic, and promote long-lasting scents.

Now is the time to try out this 3 seconds miracle with C.Formulae Intensive Hydro Treatment! Do you ever wonder how C.Formulae Intensive Hydro Treatment able to absorb so quickly and have such efficient results in 3 seconds? This is because unlike other hair treatment products in the market which are usually thick and creamy. This C.formulae treatment is formulated in a liquid-ish form that delivers the nutrition to the applied area effectively. Apply the treatment on your hair ends while you comb your hair with your hand. Rinse after 3-10 seconds!

This treatment is not recommended to apply on hair scalp however this product is identified as non-irritating by the Korean Skin Science Laboratory. So it saves even you accidentally applied to the scalp.

I love my hair now which is super smooth and moisture now. I like the sweet scent that remaining on my hair. When I first started to use, I was really curious about the results of C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care. It is really that effective? Can it save my hair dryness and frizziness? To my surprise, I can feel my hair become so much smoother and softer after few usages of C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care. Even my husband touch and say that my hair is so smooth now! And most importantly it saves so much time compared to other treatment that I have done at home that required 10-15 minutes, by using C.Formulae Intensive Hydro Treatment you just need 3-10 seconds for smoother and healthier hair too! 

C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care can help repair damaged hair ends and restore healthy hair. It is also quick and convenient to use, because normal hair care treatment takes 10-15 minutes to absorbs, while C.formulae only takes 3 seconds. You can easily achieve high-end hair care results even at home! If your hair always suffers from frequent chemical (hair coloring), heat exposure (environmental or hair perming) and bleached hair, C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care helps to create lasting healthy hair easily!

With the stock running low now because everyone keeps on re-stock and bought C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care from all over the world. This C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care is recognized by KOL from Korea and even Famous Hair Salon from Korea using C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care for their Hair Salon too!

If you want to try out this 3-second miracle hair transformation with C.Formulae Revitalise Hair Care, get yours now from any Candour C.Formulae Agent!

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