Renovation are always on the work every now and then whether it is a residential or commercial properties. There are many reasons to do renovation works; to upgrade their old housing development board unit (HDB) in Toa Payoh for rental purpose, to replace the electrical points of the old landed terrace houses or to upscale the new Build To Order (BTO) house interior design. Before embarking on your renovation journey, be clear on what you want to renovate before conveying your ideas and plans to your contractor or interior designer. There are some trendy ideas for renovations to consider that you can convey to your contractor or interior designer. 

Mix Scandinavian and rustic industrial designs 

There was a time when the Scandinavian and industrial design is a trendy thing and the trend is still going strong with the marriage of both styles. While both elements looked as though contrasting but they actually complement each other. Industrial design is known for it’s edgy and rustic looks while Scandinavian design is widely known for it’s simplicity, minimalism and functionality. 

It is recommended that to choose a subtler color from the industrial color palette, such as black and shades of grey. The beauty of Scandinavian designs is the minimalist wooden touch, while the industrial designs can be applied to some elements such as metal light fixture or vintage furniture. Be careful, the combination can be tricky and complicated but if the balance is a strike, it would turn out lovely. Click here to see some stunning Scandinavian designs. 

Creative lighting

In order to complement the minimalist design of Scandinavian, you will need modern lighting that are flexible and of course, low maintenance. By choosing the matching material and colour of the lights, they will look stand out even if the lights are not turn on. Metal and brass will continue to be in trend with various creative designs in the market. 

Track lights are suitable for Scandinavian and Industrial themes because they are flexible and easier to maintain. Unless, if you are looking for something more contemporary and luxurious, you can upscale your game by installing a modern chandelier with a polished mirror body or hair-line brass body. But if you are contemplating to choose the suitable lights, here’s the rule of thumb, chandeliers are more suitable for houses with higher ceilings and for lower ceilings, stick to the simpler lights. 

Matte finishing

Shiny materials trend is slowly fading and it is time to replace with something more flattering in color. Matte finishing is more durable and the ability to hide pesky marks on the walls and ceilings, making them to look flawless without cracks or nicks. The in-trend texture of matte finishing that is widely used for many things at home which includes black tap and sink. 

Open kitchen concept

The concept of open kitchen is becoming favourable and preferred in new homes especially for younger generations. The concept allows the dry kitchen area to be extended to the living room that encourages more interaction among people at home especially if you love to invite guests over. The idea of open concept also creates more breathing space as the air typically gets very stuffy during and after cooking. 

Besides, perspective plays an important part where the open kitchen concept overall gives a positive feeling as space that looks spacious and wider. White and earthy tone colors are more preferred as it matches the living room or other rooms’ color by blending naturally into it. After all, the concept allows homeowners to get more storage for their kitchen appliances especially the bulky ones like the dishwashers.

Feature wall and balcony touch up

With the minimalist designs trend around, there will be more space on the wall to feature some artwork or decoration. Interior designers recommended to include craft stone for the walls. It is also ideal for outdoor walls due to it’s durability to water and heat. 

There is another area that often undergoes renovation is the balcony. This is because there are many people looking for their cozy for on their balcony. It is often found that wooden or artificial decking that is durable and waterproof, convenient for cleaning. As furniture is constantly exposed to sun and wind, it is usual that the colors were chosen that won't fade easily.

Upscale ceiling games

Most homeowners will seek to decorate with a false ceiling, that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional which they help to hide cables and wires in the ceiling. Besides, walk-in wardrobe and patterned blinds that accentuates the lighting of the room as well as upscale the room to be more stylish. There are several designs for false ceilings that homeowners can explore but depend on the design theme of the house. 

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