Feeling so hungry now as I am blogging this Buffet HotPot that everyone must try!! Since I am highly influenced by my friend with HotPot, I been wanted to go for everything HotPot at least once every month. It was the most addicting serving and flavor that I have ever tried in my life. Now with Fei Fan Hot Pot in town and with everything in buffet style, I can enjoy my Hot Pot craving for a long time and super affordable price too!

Spicy Mala Soup (Left) MY FAVORITE!!
Pork Bone Soup (Right) 

Tomato Soup (Left)
Pepper Pig's Stomach Soup (Right)

There are a total of 4 flavors of soup for you to choose to enjoy with. My favorite will be their Spicy Mala Soup and second will their Pork Bone Soup that is also super addicting and yummy too. With this kind of mix soup serving, you can also bring your friend or family along that is not good at eating spicy mala.

Let's start our feast!!

One of their signature mixing for Hot Pot Dipping sauce. It is so nice, adding a hint of spicy and sour flavor when you dip into this dipping sauce.

You can also mix your own favorite dipping sauce while you enjoying the dish with your favorite Hot Pot.

Homemade Pork Ball

Homemade Beef Ball

Homemade Chicken Ball

Be sure to check out their homemade Pork Ball, Beef Ball, and Chicken Ball. The ball stuffing is so full filling and chewy with only the meats. We are all enjoying the homemade balls that they serve! Highly recommend ordering when you are at FEI FAN HOT POT.

Their homemade beef ball is so yummy! When you hold with the chopstick, you can see the beef ball is stuff with all the meats. It tasted really chewy and satisfying if you chew and taste it.

Chicken with Rice Wine

Another signature food that you must try is their Chicken with Rice Wine too. They have marinated their chicken with rice wine. Even though you have cooked and dipped into their hotpot, while you eat this you can still taste the rice wine taste from the aftertaste. The meat is super fresh and if you are someone who enjoys herbal wine taste this could be your favorite food to try at Fei Fan Hot Pot.

Beef Slices

Pork Belly

Order all sorts of slice meat as you like!! I am a fan of slice meat despite whether it is beef or pork slices, I can easily finish a few plates for myself. Dip the sliced meat into the hotpot, and enjoy it all you want.

Homemade Fish Noodle

We have fun squeezing the handmade fish noodle from their cute paste pack. After I dine in at Fei Fan Hot Pot, I find myself enjoy much all their handmade noodles and all the meatballs. How can they make it so nice and yummy!

Not forget to grab all your favorite vegetables at their vegetable corner, where you can keep refill and enjoy all your favorite vegetables. My favorite vegetables in one whole plate haha!

Feel free to always get your drink refill and enjoy some ice-cream after you fill up your stomach!

Congrats Fei Fan Hot Pot on their new branch opening at 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara! And finally, we have a Hot Pot restaurant that is so easy to access and is in KL area. I would actually just drag my husband to come here every few months. I am really happy that I found another favorite hotpot place that I will visit again and again. 

Check out the price below for their Buffet Lunch and Dinner price. Book your seats now at FEIFAN HOTPOT via the link here.

Lunch from 11am- 5pm
Adult RM35.90++ 
Child (90cm- 130cm) 50% Off 
Kids (below 90cm) FREE

Dinner from 5pm- 11pm
Adult RM45.90++ 
Child (90cm- 130cm) 50% Off 
Kids (below 90cm) FREE

*Dining time limited to 120 minutes
*All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 6% SST

Click here to Check out another FEIFAN HOTPOT branch too!! They are also very famous in SS15 area too.

Book your seats now at FEIFAN HOTPOT via the link here.

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Till Then.

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