Can't believe Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you plan your family reunion dinner yet? This Chinese New Year Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel has offered to Welcome the beginning of an auspicious Lunar New Year with exceptional culinary indulgences at Dynasty from 21 January to 19 February 2019. Led by Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin, the restaurant’s MasterChefs have specially crafted 10 decadent dine-in set menus and exclusive à la carte specials that are a perfect blend of old traditions and modern tastes to create unforgettable memories.

Toss to good fortune and celebrate the occasion with 6 varieties of Prosperity Yee Sang that comprises of different seafood options and an appetizing mix of refreshing ingredients such as white turnips, carrots, yam as well as accompaniments like pickled ginger and pomelo, complemented with a homemade plum sauce.

Start with this Braised dried seafood soup with crab meat, scallop, and sliced abalone from Happiness Set where you can enjoy 8 dishes include soups and desserts. It was really enjoying your meal with a bowl of hot and delicious soup to warm your stomach.

Check out this Prosperity Dynasty Treasure Pot where it consists of Sun-dried scallop, fish maw, stuffed dried oyster, fresh scallop, flower mushroom, Fu Kwei abalone, farm chicken, roasted duck, money bag, sea cucumber, dried bean curd, vegetables, tiger prawns, fish stomach, fungi mushroom!! This whole treasure pot is full of the goodness of food, where it is freshly cooked and suitable to share and eat among your friends and family.

Poached farm chicken with Kwei Fei abalone in superior stock

Surprisingly I really enjoy this dish! I am normally not a fan of steamed chicken, but this dish is so addicting and appetizing. The superior stock is so delicious, the chicken absorbs the stock and the taste is super fresh and refreshing!! The chicken is super fresh and chewy too.

Sauteed fresh prawns with Chinese herbs

This dish is crying out to me!! I am a prawns lover, and the sauteed fresh prawns they have is super fresh and delicious. Even the sauce can be drink as well, it was such a warm-hearted dish with Chinese herbs soup and fresh prawns.

Sun-dried oyster with black moss, flower mushrooms, and vegetables

Steamed live sea grouper in premium home-made soy sauce

Steamed fish is always my favorite. Whenever we are eating as a family in a meal outside, steamed fish is a must to order. Steamed with premium home-made soy sauce, and super fresh texture when you first taste it.

Steamed lotus leaf rice with dried scallop

This steamed lotus leaf rice has got me to amaze!! My second favorite among the set. It has the lotus fragrance when you eat it, it is so yummy and appetizing. You can easily finish one serving for your self.

Double-boiled dried sugar cane with peanuts, fungus, and pear

Dynasty fortune pastries

Epicureans seeking to usher in the New Year with a luxurious reunion dining experience may indulge in one of Dynasty’s gourmet set menus. Offering 3 scrumptious 9-course set menus that symbolize happiness, prosperity, and health. The menus on offer feature exquisite traditional selections such as the Braised Scallop Broth with Bamboo Pith and Dried Seafood, Steamed Live Sea Grouper in Premium Homemade Soy Sauce, Sun-dried Oyster with Black Moss, Flower Mushrooms and Vegetables as well as modern creations like the Sautéed Fresh Prawns with Chinese Herbs,  Poached Farm Chicken with Kwei Fei abalone in Superior Stock, Crispy Almond Chicken and more.

Diners looking for an all-new experience must try this year’s exquisite collection of Lunar New Year Dim Sum stunners conjured for the most discerning palates. Explore awe-inspiring interpretations of yum cha traditions over delicate Steamed Fu Kwei Abalone Dumplings, Golden Dumplings with Carrot Sauce, Crispy Potato with Egg Custard and more at RM19.80nett per basket.

Set menus start from RM1,798nett for a table of 10 persons. For intimate gatherings, diners may select the Golden or Diamond 9-course set menus priced from RM1,098nett for a table of 6 persons, while smaller groups may choose 7 or 8-course celebratory set menus from RM498nett for a table of 5 persons with highlights like Crispy Farm Chicken with Spicy Minced Garlic and Roasted Duck King.

Gourmands seeking for an even more exclusive dining experience may indulge in 3 different individual set menus featuring thoughtfully crafted dishes such as Golden Minced Garlic Soft Shell Crab with Money Bag, Chilled Chicken Roulade with Golden Soft Shell Crab and Honey Baked Cod Fish with Mushroom and Minced Duck in Golden Cup. Each individual set menu is priced at
RM198nett, RM298nett and RM398nett per person respectively, for a minimum of 2 persons per order.

Celebrate festive reunions in the comfort of your home or office with the Dynasty’s signature Treasure Pots. An impressive centerpiece for any table, the Prosperity Treasure Pot is layered with ingredients including fresh and sun-dried scallop, fish maw, fish stomach, Fu Kwei abalone, sea cucumber, roasted duck, farm chicken, flower mushroom, money bag, dried bean curd, tiger prawns and fungi mushroom. Brimming with whole Hokkaido and sun-dried scallops, the whole abalone, stuffed dried oyster, Sang Kang ball, smoked duck, bamboo pith and a variety of premium treasures, the Golden Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot is an indulgent ‘melting pot’ of top-grade ingredients for a
reunion full with abundance. Treasure Pots are available for dine-in and takeaways at RM498nett and RM998nett for 5 persons.

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* Prices are inclusive of 6% Sales & Services Tax (SST).
** All information is correct at the time of printing. Promotional details and programs are subject
to change without prior notice.

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