Trying out the best Iberico Ribs at The Barn. This is a perfect KL location for you to chill and hang out with a bunch of cool friends. Not only that you can enjoy some really nice food here, try out some of their exquisite wine from the world’s finest, handpicked selection of old and new world wines beautifully paired with exquisite cuisines. Let's bask in the enlivening rhythms of The BAR°N’s seductive ambiance, and let it all ignite the poetry of pleasure in absolutely every visit.

They have all kind of Iberico Pork special serving in The Barn too. Not forget you can try out their lunch set during lunch hour.

Appetizer starts with beef. We are served with Smoked Karubi cubes. I like how is it super soft and chewy. Dip along with the sauce and is a luxurious appetizer to enjoy.

Spaghettini Sarawak Laksa with Seafood

 Which is a mix of Asian flavor dish, a fusion way of a plate of spaghettini. The texture of the noodle is so slurpy, which is slightly thinner than normal spaghetti. I overall enjoy this spaghetti where it is spicy and appetizing! The seafood is very fresh and delicious. 

Must try!! Iberico Ribs

Here's come the main character, Iberico Ribs. One stick is even bigger than my finger.

I like how thick and sold the texture of the Iberico Ribs. Even though it is thick, but when you slice and enjoy it the ribs meat is super soft and chewy. It is super easy to enjoy with the sauce that it cook with. I like how it was BBQ that it looks very succulent and tasty too!

Chocolate Lava

This super yummy Chocolate Lava is so addicting! The chocolate just melted into my mouth. The chocolate taste is super rich which you can easily feel very full after this.

The environment The BARN Wine Bar located at Pavilion KL. At night they will have a live band to do perform too. I like how chill and relax the ambiance here at The BARN Wine Bar. Perfect night out place with your friends.

Overall I really enjoy all the food here at The BARN Wine Bar. The Iberico Ribs which is highly recommended at the BARN. The sauce with delicious juicy ribs from the BARN. Don't forget to try out also Spaghettini Sarawak Laksa with Seafood which has become my favorite too. The fresh seafood serving with the Sarawak Laksa sauce. 

Don't forget to check out their page and social media for more new food update

The BARN Wine Bar

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