Thanks, Canmake for the invitation for their Canmake Fairy's Secretland at Happ Cafe. We have a fun Fairy Party together along with other Fairies. I'm super excited to try out all their new arrivals products.

During this launching event, the theme for this event is all about the element of fairy, dried flower, woods and the theme colors of dark red, wine red, cherry, burgundy, dried rose, a dusty rose which matched with the color of their new launch products.

Busy building our own flower crown even though we already have it on our head.

Love all the flowers they prepared. Everyone is busy decorating their own flower crowns.

I admit that I'm not a creative person so here's my rabbit flower crown, haha! 

Using their new arrivals products, they also do a makeup demonstration.

Can't wait to try out these goodies ๐Ÿ˜

Canmake Malaysia is also launching a total of 10 products including blusher, lipstick, base, powder, and eyeshadow. The price range of the products will be starting from RM 40.50 to RM 60.30. All of the new launch products can be found in selected Aeon Wellness, SaSa, PlayUp Advance, Guardian and Hermo Online Beauty Store.

Canmake Crayon Matte Lip 01 02 03 RM43. 90 Each

Check out the new arrivals of this new lipstick collection. My favorite will be color 02. I will try to do some swatches on my lips real soon.

Left: Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes 18 Bitter Sweet Memory RM 60.30
Right: Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes 04 Classic Pink RM 49.90

Canmake Powder Cheek PW 41 Antique Rose RM 42.30

Left: Canmake Glow Fleur Cheek 10 - Terracotta Fleur RM 45.20
Right: Canmake Secret Beauty Powder 02 (New Shade) RM 56.50

Canmake Cream Cheek 16 Almond Terracotta (Best Selling!!) RM 40.50 

The makeup of the day for Canmake Fairy's Secretland!

My full outfit for the day.

Lydia, why you hid your face behind me.

Cute and Shy Celine! Selfie with my favorite people that I know them from Instagram.

Not forget all my sampatness friends.

Really thankful for Canmake Malaysia for this fun and sweet event and able gather around all my friends from North and South. It's hard to gather beauty friends and I'm glad that every one of us having a lot of fun and taking a lot of pretty photos during the event.

Our #CMNS gang!

About Canmake

Canmake has consistently enjoyed tremendous popularity with its range of petite-price cosmetics that take the effort out of looking pretty and fashionable. Canmake has been in Malaysia market for 14 years. Teeni Enterprise is proud to be the brand's sole distributor in Malasia since its debut. Expanding from Sasa, Aeon Wellness, Guardian, Aeon Departmental store, Hermo - Online Beauty Shop, Play-Up by Parkson, and out Ourshop by AirAsia with over 150 points of sales in total and counting. Canmake Tokyo merchandises are all designed in petite size for convenience to bring around even in the smallest cosmetic pouch, to fit in a handbag. The product quality is excellent, made only with the finest ingredients. Canmake comes in with an affordable price point from RM 33.90 - RM 65.90.

Stay tuned for my next review post on Canmake Best Selling Blusher that you should get!!

Till Then.

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