For the last post of my Korea trip, I visited Whimsical Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village and China Town at Incheon, Korea. We basically stay near to the area for the entire trip and the airport also can be reached around 20 minutes. Since is the last day of our trip, we just visit these two tourist spots at Incheon before we head back to Malaysia. Both of these two places are really nice and I take a lot of photos especially in the Fairy Tale Village. As usual, this post will be a lot of photos I took at Whimsical Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village and China Town.

We are also here and visit the Jjajangmyeon Museum located at the China Town. The museum is quite small but is interesting to visit, that you can understand and know more about the history of Jjajangmyeon. This photo is where I took outside the museum.

šŸ“Incheon Chinatown

After visiting Jjajangmyeon Museum, we walk along the China Town street at Incheon. You will able to see the old traditional China building and everything is in red.

Tang Hu Lu! When we are there, we didn't explore or enjoy the food over there because the time is still early and they have not open for business yet.

Overall you can see the street is still very quiet due to the early hour that we are here. I always feel excited to able to visit each country of China Town and experience the difference ambiance of the little town. Sometimes we use to forget about those little towns that will slowly be forgotten by other people, and only will visit by a tourist. 

Chinatown Incheon
Gaho-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

šŸ“Songwoldong Fairyland

When you have finish strolling the China Town, you will find the Fairy Tale Village is just beside the road. I personally find myself enjoy the entire village more compare to China Town. But since both of the sights is near to each other, is never a waste of time when you can visit both of the places.

In Fairy Tale Village, you will find yourself is being immersed with all colorful fairy tale cartoon drawing on the walls. Is hard to not stop yourself for a photo when you see all the drawings on the walls.

I simply love the drawings on the walls that looks super real the same as cartoon we watch from TV or movies. If you are someone like who love Disney fairy tale a lot, you find yourself very much loving this place.

Walk along the rainbow staircase.

Check out all the colorful buildings from afar.

Do also stroll along the alley behind the houses, you will find more wall arts too! And along the pathway, you can see that the drawing is connected.

Check out the spider-man on the rooftop!

Another beautiful heart lock wall here. Love this pic!

Strolling to the end of the street, I find myself love this part of the wall the most. It is super vibrant and colorful, and more close to the definition of Fairy Tale.

I really enjoy the street of the Whimsical Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village. It is so colorful and bright place. It almost feels like we are in the fairy tale story. Although I wish to spend more time here due to short of time from the tour, overall I think I have almost visited the walls and take all the shots that I want. If you are ever in the area of Incheon, make sure you drop by to Whimsical Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village and Incheon China Town.

Songwoldong Fairyland

Jayugongwonseo-ro 45beon-gil, 
Songwol-dong 3(sam)-ga, 
Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

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Till Then.

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  1. Oh very nice place darling very cute photos

  2. such a great place in here, never knew bout this place at korea. Love all disney characters in here and murals looks surreal!

  3. Owh no. I missed out visited these two places when I was in Incheon before. I need to go again and take pictures there too, yours are beautiful

  4. Wah, tempat yang cantik dan segar kan. Untungnya kamu dapat ke sana. Saya tidak pernah lagi ke luar negara terutama di negara Korea ini. Apapun, terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi kegembiraan anda di sana. hehe

  5. Wow bestnya... Menarik tempat ni. Mat Drat ke Seoul last year tak tahu pun Fairy Tale Village ni, kalau tak boleh singgah. Incheon tu sampai, Village ni tak sampai

  6. I'm going to Korea next month! But haven't discovered this place yet in any website. Thank you for adding something in my itinerary hehe. The place seems to be happening :D

  7. i have not been to this fairy tale village yet, will make a stop for my next trip.

  8. Wow! That was very nice place! Korea will be my next place to explore soon. Thanks share your great expriences. I enjoy reading it!

  9. serius...cantiknya tempat ni. On my wishlist nk pergi korea jugak. Boleh la masukkan incheon ni..nak bergambar mesti cantik ni. i loike

  10. all the places and buildins are so pretty! I always wanted to come to korea. not just to experience the culture but i also want to see their pretty places and buildings. Most of the places are instagram worthy.

  11. So envy your travel journeys, looks so fun! My husband went to Korea before under a travel agency, he says he wasn't satisfied with the trip. Should have planned his own trip to places which will be more cheaper. Probably if we go to Korea, we'll look at your blog for recommendations.

  12. Wah banyak temoat menarik you lawat kat sini. Semuanya unik dan cantik. I tak pernah sampai sini tapi bila baca posting ni, rasanya nak datang sini one day

  13. Wah a lot of nice & great travel photos. I never been to Korea, maybe next time. Wish follow your tips

  14. wah cantiknya. saya suka betul tempta-tempat macam ni. memang sesuai untuk dijadikan lokasi untuk ambil gmbar ootd. sangat instagrammable.

  15. wahhh next time saya ke korea saya nak explore sinilah..cantik sangattt

  16. Ohh bestnya dpt ke sini... Tempat2 nya pun nampak cantik sgt... Selalu nerangan nak travel banyak tempat tp sebabkan husband selalu busy tak boleh pergi wt masa ni

  17. Such a beautiful place. I should pay a visit there. Never been there before. Okey, boleh masukkan dalam travel bucket list. Thanks for sharing

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