I will start my first China post here with my visit to LINE Friends when I am in Hang Zhou. They claim to be the largest LINE Friends, and since I am a super big fan of LINE Friends this has to be my must place when I visit Hang Zhou. Follow me through this post to check out the nice spots here to take photos with the LINE Friends.

Check out all the merchandise in LINE Friends store. I didn't go through the price list of their merchandise when I'm there.

They have a big Choco in the merchandise area. Time to explore more at this largest LINE Friends store. When you first visit here you will need to pay 38 RMB for the entrance fee. 

Here's how you can explore the entire LINE Friends store

✔️Cafe & Line Friends Village Small Town Experience
✔️Merchandise and Outdoor Cafe
✔️ Line Friends Village Theme Village and "Outdoor" Experience

When you first enter, you are welcome by this rock corner of LINE friends. I really like this corner with all the LED light and of course super cute Brown with its rock outfit.

Here's my take on this area.

Walking up the stairs to the second level.

The area of the second floor. 

Cute Cony at the fireplace area.

Here's Sally's Bathhouse which is the most cutest room on this floor. If you have check social media a lot of people take photos in this cute bathtub area.

Can't stop myself to take a lot of photos when I am at this corner because of how cute and pretty are every small detail.

My version in the bathtub.

I spend a much longer time here in this corner because is the prettiest corner here on level 2. I almost leave my phone in the tub too haha!

The third room where you can have a date with James.

Love this shot with Choco on the piano!

They have really pretty seating for the food and coffee too. I didn't take any photo here because I am alone and is hard to ask some stranger to take a photo for us in this corner. Plus is a random cafe seating corner and not for photo purposes. Check here for more insight into their super cute desserts.

Some of the other cute corner where you can take photos with LINE friends.

Welcome by these four cute LINE Friends character when I reach the third floor!

On the third floor, there are more space and room for you to continue taking photos too! You can check out their market corner, barber, cafe area, CD's shops and many more.

The big brown is here on the third floor!

I love the LED corner the most! Too bad didn't take more photos here, but I am thankful for the girl that keeps helping me taking photos while I am here.

Love this corner too where is the music corner with a lot of cute LINE friends CDs and Cony with Sally on this super comfy sofa!

End my post with my selfie that I took when I am in their washroom where they have pretty lightning haha! When I am leaving going down another staircase, where they also have some pretty decor there too. Didn't manage to take photos of the decor there due to short of time. But I spend almost 1 to 2 hours here because I keep lingering around finding someone to help me take photos!

Open hours - Daily 10:00-22:00

Till Then.


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  1. Jauhnya nak kena pergi Line Place ni. Sampai ke China. Ingatkan Malaysia tadi 38RMB murah jugak la kan dengan semua yang ada dalam tu. Saya jugak minat dan pernah ada aplikasi Line. Seronok.

  2. woww so many cute spots to take pics there, and it all seems really instaworthy! must be fun to play around and great to have cafe too!

  3. I remembered my first visit to the San Rio Hello Kitty Village. This is the 1st time I heard about the Line Friends character. The place is so cool with a cute character. Worth and instagrammable.

  4. First time i hear about the place to LINE friends. Nice place to visit during vacation. Thank you for sharing this info..

  5. I'm sure gonna visit this when I come to Hang Zhou. Line characters are the cutest!

  6. So cool! I wish I could come here someday too. I'm not really a big fan of LINE characters but taking pictures sure seems fun. They sure have a lot of selfie and OOTD spots for visitors. Bet its swarming with people to take pictures too.

  7. So cute! I love ryan. I never been to any line store before hope will get a chance to take cute photos here

  8. Wow! So many LINE friends.
    And so many beautiful and instaworthy corners and decorations to take pictures with.
    You take beautiful pictures as always

  9. Omg this is so dangerous. Everything is way too cute here. I might as well spend lots of money here.