Beside consuming Lennox 5000 Powder, I will like to introduce Lennox Firm up + collagen drinks to my fellow friends. If you opt for more easy and fun fill collagen consume. Lennox collagen might be your new favorite in town. As we grow older, our skin will also lose collagen and hence the appearance of wrinkles on our skin. Closing to the thirties makes me aware of the importance of collagen to my skin, I'm really happy that I'm able to learn more about Lennox Collagen through The Butterfly Project. Now I know where to get an affordable and healthy beauty drink for myself now too.

Get all the skin-beautifying ingredients in one bottle of Lennox FirmUp+, which is a natural & potent beauty essence and rich in synergistic food-based ingredients for a firmer and more radiant-looking skin.

Aqueous Marine Collagen, OPC (Grape Seeds Extract), Fermented Yeast (A Source of Co Q10), Vitamin C, Arginine, Japan Khoyo Grapes Juice Concentrate, Potassium Sorbate, Water

Suitable for
Everyone that is above 18 years old.


Suggested Usage
First-time use: Take 1 of bottle daily at night for 10 days
Repeat user: Take 1 bottle every 2-3 days at night

One box of Lennox Collagen drinks comes in 20 bottles and also 20 packets of the powder. For first time user, you may need to drink for a continuous 10 days and 2 to 3 days per bottle drinks later on. 


Product packaging on point. You can view all the beautiful ingredients of Lennox Firm up + drinks. The pink packaging is what all the girls love it. I really love the entire concept and packaging that Lennox is trying to bring out. The collagen drink is quite small and easy to bring around when needed. It is advisable to consume before you sleep. 

The expired date is also printed on the bottle cap and the bottle cap is designed for an easy opening too. 

FirmUp Plus Bright Powder Booster

When I first started to drink I totally did not realize that there is a powder booster pack inside the box. If you bought one pack of 20 bottles collagen drinks, please don't forget about the power booster pack to add on into your Lennox Collagen drinks. 

This powder contains OPC (Grape Seed Extract), Fermented Yeast (A Source of Co Q10) and Vitamin C, it acts as a booster for FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen drink. It enhances and maximizes the effects of the drinks, and as an Antioxidant and Whitening Essence effect on your skin.


While you drink this FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen Drink, it actually tastes like berry taste and sweet also. If you add on the powder, the taste actually more tone down, but still it has the sweet berries taste. Add only one pack into one bottle of FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen Drink, shakes well and enjoy it.

Day 1

Acne mark is difficult to disappear due to metabolism and the loss of collagen on our skin. 

Continuous drink for 5 days

After almost drink Lennox FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen Drink for the past one month, I really enjoy the drink and could see some results on my skin when I drink it. The acne mark disappears within the second or third day, it booster up collagen reproduction on my skin. 

Continuous drink for 8 or 9 days

Besides that, I can feel my skin become firmer and bouncier too. Although the effect of the continuous 10 days is not obvious, I still have good skin, but I know that my skin is lacking firmness and bounciness as I always tend to late sleep and body metabolism is not as good as previous. So I will keep drinking Lennox FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen Drink and restock it to maintain my skin and healthy body.

Lennox FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen Drink is a natural and potent beauty essence and rich in synergistic food-based ingredient in this drink, like Aqueous Marine Collagen, Fermented Yeast (A Source of Co Q10), OPC (Grape Seed Extract) and Vitamins. Lennox FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen Drink is easily dissolved and well-absorbed by our body. Lennox FirmUp+ (Bright) Collagen Drink is suitable for everyone who desires to get noticeable improvement from their damage skin to a firmer and bouncy looking skin.

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