Gonna blog about this super way due post where I have a date with Carinn in a half-day trip around Kuala Lumpur. Basically, we visited the National Art Gallery and LV exhibition at KLCC. Why we visiting the National Art Gallery is because there's Leonardo da Vinci Art display. I would actually think it was a nice experience to have a view on the art by Leonardo da Vinci.

One of the famous painting, The Last Dinner. Also one of my favorite painting always sees this when I go church.

There's are also a huge painting once you reach the floor too. So sorry as I am definitely not familiar with all the paintings by Leonardo da Vinci but since there's Leonardo da Vinci digital reproductions Arts exhibit here in our National Art Gallery might as well we go and experience it.

Here's our Bff Outfit for our first outfit. When we are planing the outfit, I didn't think of I already own a similar layer dress with Carinn. Luckily I still remember I have it, so here's our BFF outfit together for the day.

Not forget about the famous Monalisa painting from Leonardo da Vinci. I love some of the shots taken with this painting. Next, I will post some of the painting that I take at the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. Even though they are all in Digital Reproduction, the artworks are still looking really real and pretty. I am really grateful that with the technology today, so many historical art pieces can be reproduced for the next generation to see and learn!

It's really cool and interesting to able to see all these paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci in real life. Although it is in digital reproduction, it still looks real from far.

Not only they exhibit his painting, but also they publish some of his codexes as well.

End our post at National Art Gallery with a nice photo with Mona Lisa! If you want to know more info about Leonardo da Vinci, you can check out the post here

National Art Gallery

I know by the time I finish the blog, the exhibition already ended! Really sorry about this, but I do post on my Instagram about the exhibition updates as well. If you wish to see more life updates, make sure you follow my Instagram @snowmansharing!

After we visit the National Art Gallery, we heading to LV 10th year exhibition at KLCC park. By the time we visited this exhibition is almost ended. But the crowds are still quite packed.

Some of the first part of the exhibition. Despite the crowds, the entire lighting is still pretty.

Moving to the second part is where you can see the revolution of the LV bag among the years. I love this round design bag especially super cute and antique.

The LV dress that Emma Stones wears during 2018 Golden Globe Awards. Super blink, classy and elegant!

Whereas the third section, you will able to see more of LV customize gifts and products from their customers. This section you can see more creative and Limited Edition design of LV products. They say the exhibits products are actually from their real customer, where they temporary borrow their products for this exhibition.

For the fourth section, you can see more high fashion design Louis Vuitton bag. Not sure whether it is a limited bag design, but you can see Supreme or Davinci design LV bag as well.

I like the last part of the exhibition where they keep replaying the video of how Louis Vuitton design throughout the years. It's quite fun to take photos in front of the LED screen because so many colorful and fun color reflects on the screen.

For more info about this Time Capsule LV Exhibition, you can click here.

Lastly just wanted to talk about this dress that I wear on this date! The dress definitely becomes my favorite dress. It is very comfortable, the material is made from jersey kind material where I don't recommend to wear for outdoor especially on hot weather. But overall I like its flowy design and the layer part is very pretty. I remember when I bought it I was thinking about whether this dress will be too long for me, but luckily it fits me so well and I love it!

Wearing my recent favorite star bling heels from Grace Gift. I bought from Taobao when they have sales and it is much cheaper with their store voucher too. I did regret that I buy my normal size and turns out the front part are tight for me. But luckily the heels are not that high, and I still can wear it comfortably throughout the day. The details of every part of these heels are very dainty!!

End my post with my #SharonOOTD! Thanks for reading until the end of the post! Since both of this exhibition has ended, I almost wanted to not blog about it at all. But I have tons of photos that I wanted to post but didn't so ended post the photos to my blog. I am drafting more BFF Outfit theme post soon! Please stay tuned.

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Shoes | Gracegift from Taobao

Till Then.

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  1. So nice you guys bff wear blue shades of dresses together and having fun going for a walk. From Taobao some moreeee? Fuiyohhh long time edy don't shoppping there. And so sayang that the da vinci and time capsule already no longer there. Tak sempat go also. Wish I got more free time last time so I can visit them too!

  2. nice BFF outfit and I like the heel too. I missed the LV Time Capsule despite passing the capsule every morning..congrats on LV

  3. Wow interestingnya monalisa! I’m a big fan of monalisa. Nanti boleh la nak pergi sini

  4. Semua dress nampak sangat cantik dan gambar2 di pamerkan semua ada intisari maksud tersendiri. hehe. Terima kasih kerana berkongsi.

  5. Wah.peminat2 beg LV boleh serbu pameran ni.nampak sikit history LV Jan.barulah lebih menghargai hasil karya LV.selalu tengok alif shukri je yg promote beg ni

  6. tengok painting salah satu terapi juga ye. dulu i anggap like membazir masa sebab just tengok and tengok like that je lah. but now macam dah berubah i punya pendirian. menghargai painting tu lebih sikit. LV punya pameran i berkenan dengan jam dia lah ! so cantik and kalau dapat pakai tu ...

  7. Wow it was fun to spend time looking at Leonardo da Vinci's great masterpieces as well as famous fashion brands like LV. Btw, u look so pretty in that flowy layered dress!

  8. ur dress is spectacular !! really love how flowy the dress when u move. the color is nice too. I never thought exhibition can be this interesting. all this while i always set in my mind that exhibition is super boring

  9. I love Leonardo da Vincci painting alot and always use them as reference for my painting. I love your dress!! U look sweet!!

  10. wah menariknya. classic betul ya painting-painting tu. hope dapat peuang jugak untuk pergi dantengok galeri ni.