My favorite Party moment with The Butterfly Project. I cannot believe that my first ever Coachella is organize by The Butterfly Project and I would say that this is another successful party, with bigger space, more brands, and more awesomeness happening at this party. Although there's rain during our last part of the Butterfly Coachella Party but it doesn't stop us to make this Butterfly Coachella Party a success and a super fun one! 

Hearty Party Malaysia is a great place to organize a party. It has a total of four floors of a spacious area for a party. Not only that, they have a painting class organize too. The class consists of a different art painting class that would really be interesting to join. They offer services such as Event Space rental, Party Props rental, Party Decoration services, Event Organizing Services, and Arts & Craft classes. 

If you would want to see the space in Hearty Party, do scroll my blog and check out more details on the space for each floor.

Hearty Party Sdn Bhd 

My makeup of the day, decking for the Butterfly Coachella Party. I didn't do a very exaggerated makeup but add up some bling to give an extra dimension to my makeup. I did my hair overnight too to create this wavy curly hair. I decide to put on a red lip and a red fedora hat to complete this look. Thanks, Shin May for borrowing the earrings too!

My #SharonOOTD for the Butterfly Coachella Party, thanks Bae from VOIR GALLERY for the sponsoring of the outfit. They have a lot of fun and vibrant outfit or youngster, and it's been a while since I wear a jumpsuit, this jumpsuit is very cute and fit me well.

When we are here, we register ourselves in the registration counter on the ground floor. 

Not only that we have Tagbooth here with us too! We use their props and spend some time to take a photo here. The printed photo is so pretty and high quality too. After the photo, you can choose to have them send you the photo through email too, super convenient!

Tagbooth Photobooth 

After the photo station, we on the first floor where they have stations set up there. Here we are with Althea Korea station. Where they showcase their A'bloom products that are suitable for young and fun people out there. I love their face mask, it is so lightweight but also contains a lot of essences that our skin needs.

And omg omg and A'bloom just recently launch their Brow Pencil which is the Brow Wow, comes in three colors. I already start using this, and brow product is one of the makeup that I will use every day. I love the shapes of the pencil where I can easily use to draw on my brow. Their brow pencil is also very easy to use, without the need for any effort, you can easily draw your ideal brow shape.

Do check out their new brow pencil here that is just RM11 each.

Althea Korea 

It is my first hearing about Curmudgeon's Brew, they focus on all kind of brew's drink. They are famous for their no sugar drinks that are still very yummy to drink it even with no sugar. While I was thinking how's the taste for no sugar chocolate milk will be like, it turns out I really like the taste. It was milky and the chocolate is so rich. Even their coffee brew is really great too! I am really addicting with their brew coffee drinks.

Curmudgeon's Brew

The signature market is one of my favorite snack places. They offered a variety of healthy snacks that consist of nuts, and organic ingredients. Even though we know that healthy products are not cheap, but in Signature Market, you can get all your favorite natural & organic products at 20% - 50% off. In Signature Market, they want to make healthy living easy & affordable to everyone. Do check out their website with more than 500 natural & organic products!

Signature Market

Get yourself a monthly bouquet with a minimum of RM50 from Avantgarde Blooms Flowers. They have varieties of fresh flowers and different flower arrangements for you to choose from. I really like all their flowers, the arrangements are very pretty and elegant.

Avantgarde Blooms Flowers

We have also VOIR GALLERY collection here in The Butterfly Project Coachella Party. Finally, a famous fashion brand is in collab with us! VOIR GALLERY is an urban fashion gallery offering a wide range of fashion-forward pieces not only for adults but also for kids, with more than eight distinct brands. VOIR GALLERY has been in the market for more than 10 years, they have been improving with a more nicer and younger design that suits for the generation. You can now also shop Voir Gallery via their website too.

Here's my take with the VOIR GALLERY bag that we received on that day! It was a simple greyish sling bag that is very elegant, perfect use for a wedding dinner and event.


Feeling thirsty after visiting all the stations on Level 2? Fret not we have Lerz Fruit Tea here on the top floor!

With a cup of Lerz Tea after spending a few hours in different stations, it feels so satisfying! Their drinks are super refreshing and cooling to drink. The sweetness of the drinks is not too overpowering, but it has this sweet and fresh scent of fruit in their drinks. Lerz also offered a lot of different varieties of drinks, such as Cheese layered Tea, Milk Tea and also many other drinks. Do check out their social page and visit their store at Starling Mall (Kiddomo cafe still under renovation).

Lérz' Tea & Coffee Fruit Tea

Not forget to mention, we get to enjoy some really sumptuous healthy serving food during the Coachella party too! We have Jom Party in the house yo, where they serve the healthy food and serving for us. I am amazed by how they serve the food while its healthy but also delicious too. They serve not only the main dishes but also some desserts and snacks too. Jomparty is a party designer and a party planner online company. Just let them know your desire party and they will help you organize!


One of the highlights of the Butterfly Coachella Party are we get to enjoy some music on the rooftop of Hearty Party! The environment here is super awesome with Coachella theme seatings which is what I always dream of while joining the Coachella party. I love the entire setup on the rooftop, perfect ambiance to end our Butterfly Coachella Party.

We are pleased to invite Sidh Haizad Yusoff to sing for us that night! The feels and the night feel much more complete with his performance. While that evening, it is raining heavily, and it feels really soothing and calm with his performance in the Butterfly Coachella Party.

Sidh Haizad Yusoff 

I am really happy that I register for the Canvas Painting class! Although it is my first time trying canvas painting, which I thought will be a relaxing painting class turns out its something that needs a bit of focus and concentration, but the end result of completing the painting is really satisfying too! We have oranges, kiwi, watermelon and pineapple, to draw, it is a simple painting and thank you Yana for the guiding and we manage to finish the painting.

Here is my orange painting and I'm really happy with the drawing. It will be gonna be at my new house decor soon.

Some of the random photos that I took during the Butterfly Coachella Party. 

I love this small tent during the painting class.

Thanks Mamasan, Tammy for another wonderful party for The Butterfly Project! I have major fun during this party, all the station has its own uniqueness and brings out the brand theme. I get to try a lot of first time at this party too, like first Coachella and first time painting.

Curmudgeon's Brew

Do also check out Plant Origins that is a new brand launch in Signature Market, they have a great range of organic body shower products that suitable for all skin types.

Signature Market

Do check this new Brow Wow from A'bloom collection under Althea Korea! It comes in three colors that can match your brow. Compare to the other brow pencil, I like it comes in a slim drawing pencil and does not break easily when I draw my brow!

Althea Korea 

I love the summery color of this orange and that's also the reason I choose to draw orange too. Do check out their social media to follow their schedule on their painting classes! They have a lot of interesting art classes that you will find yourself enjoy very much.

Hearty Party Sdn Bhd 


Thanks to all the sponsors and brands for the door gift that I received during the Butterfly Coachella Party. I am happy for another new product launch from A'bloom, a new Bae brand launch under VOIR GALLERY too, all these that are suitable for young and fun people out there. The Signature market's nuts and Curmudgeon's Brew Drinks which are the perfect healthy combo for breakfast and snack time. Not forget about the Plant Origins which has just launch under the Signature market, which consists of an aromatherapy essentials oil and body showers products. Lastly thanks Hearty Party for the venue for the perfect Butterfly Coachella Party launch here, Jomparty and Lerz for the food and beverages, Tagbooth Photobooth for creating special photo memory for the party, and Sidh Haizad Yusoff for his talented live performance during Butterfly Coachella Party.

The Butterfly Project

Till Then.

Photos credits to Eros, from The Butterfly team and Me


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