On the 6th of October, Premier Clinic celebrates Premier Clinic Day at Premier Clinic Bangsar, on this day they are also celebrating their 5th-year anniversary too. Little did I know that Premier Clinic is one of the top 3 aesthetic clinics in the Klang Valley. Premier Clinic is equipped with modern technology, advanced machines and credentialed doctors with specialized knowledge in aesthetic medicine.  They also licensed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health, Premier Clinic offers an extensive range menu of aesthetic treatments to help you attain your desired perfection in beauty and health. 

We are welcome by Dr. Chen Tai Ho for the opening speech. Dr. Chen Tai Ho is the founder of the Premier Clinic. He has over 18+ years of experience in aesthetic practices. Earned his double degree in 2001 from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and certificate and diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Premier Clinic launch the best reward program among aesthetic clinics in Malaysia, PREMIERX. This is not only to attract more people to try and learn more about aesthetics but also to get more rewards by just staying attractive. You can get 30% cashback for treatment based on your accumulated spending on their treatments. 

Not only that, they launch their Result-Guaranteed Policy, with this policy, all their guests can be assured by their services and enjoy their treatment with confident! Do you know that Premier Clinic is the ONE and ONLY aesthetic clinic in the business that guarantee results to the clients? With this guarantee, you don't need to be afraid of spending thousands of ringgit only to find out that there are no significant results that you wanted. 

Next agenda, we get to witness the live changes of aesthetics done to our face feature. We have Dr. Kee Yong Seng set to perform quick procedures to his client, Michelle to reveal how fillers can do amazing transformations to our face feature. Michelle does also shares that, she always looks tired, with her baggy eyes and her laugh lines make her look sad and fierce all the time.

We get to go into their treatment room to see the live demonstration on Michelle.

The doctors in Premier Clinic is very professional, Michelle says that she's not afraid of the procedures but excited for the results after the filler.

To improve the overall face features for Michelle, Dr. Kee did under eye fillers to get rid of Michelle’s eyebags, jaw filler to form softer jawline, and forehead filler to fill up the shrunken forehead area, to make her looks more young and energetic. All the procedures are done using Radiesse filler and Belotero filler, courtesy of Merz’s Aesthetics, the safest and most effective fillers available in the market. Radiesse filler can have a long-lasting effect until 4 years while building collagen inside.

 Fillers can actually help to shape our face feature better, it makes our face looks natural even after the filler and you won't see any big difference on your face after you did the filler. Dr. Kee then explained how fillers can shape the face better, fill up her sunken eye bags and make her look more rejuvenated. Michelle said she wasn't afraid the whole time and was very at ease because Dr. Kee made her comfortable during the process. With no downtime, she can go back to her normal routine after the treatment.

Here's the BEFORE(left) and AFTER (right) of Michelle with Dr. Kee does a little magic on her face. As you can see, her chin was quite square-ish, manly(left) and now transformed to the sharper and softer chin(right) which looks more feminine and happy looking. Her sunken hollow eye bag has now been filled and her forehead is more lifted after filling with filler. Can't you believe that all these processes just are done within 1 hour?

Premier Clinic also invite one of Malaysia famous Actor and Comedian, Along Cham, that also goes under amazing transformation with Premier Clinic. Along Cham shared with us his experience of doing beard transplant, pico laser, refreshment laser, and mole removal all in Premier Clinic. It started awkwardly for Along Cham because he never thought that as a man he goes through aesthetic treatment first time in his life.

However, Along was really amazed and happy how Premier Clinic has helped to solve his issue. With his new character in his upcoming movie, he needs to grow beard up to his jawline but it is very hard to grow naturally. Guess what, Premier Clinic has helped him with his beard transplant. 

Along explained that he was comfortable during the whole 6-8 hours when they did the beard transplant, where they took hair from the back of his head to plant into the beard area. They use his real hair instead of synthetic hair so that the body will not reject the transplant. His mole removal was also removed with no scarring and laser done to his skin to remove pigmentation. 

Next, we have the winner of a weight loss competition held by Premier Clinic, Vasanthi who brought back RM20,000 worth of treatment voucher and RM2000 worth of cosmetics hamper! 

I really admire her determination on how she did Keto and intermittent fasting and lost a total of 6.2kg in a month. She explained a bit about the Keto program. You cannot eat carbs and sugar which also means no milk, no corn, and no potato intake. The only fruits that can be eaten are strawberries, blueberries, and kiwis. Cakes can be eaten but only made of almond or coconut flour. Exercise at least 3-5 times a week with cardio and weight training to increase metabolism and burn fats. She also shares that she is going to lose 10 more kilos to reach her ideal weight. 

Lastly, Dr. Chen also shared with us on how we can reduce weight faster and more effective. That is through various methods available in Premier Clinic including Le Shape, CoolSculpting, Clatuu, HCG and Duromine.

Thanks, Premier Clinic team for the invitation, that we can witness the 5th year anniversary celebration, launch of PREMIER X and Result-Guaranteed Policy, and also the wonderful testimony by their guest and Along Cham!

Aesthetic treatments are getting more popular these days especially those normal people like you and me. Aesthetics are popular due to their technology, comes with no downtime, improved formulas, faster procedures, and amazing results. So what are you waiting for? Book a free consultation time with Premier Clinic, and surely you can find the treatments that suitable for you.

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