My first encounter with Korea No.1 best selling Eye Cream during the Butterfly x AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop. On the 9th of November, all the butterflies are required to bare face during the entire workshop. It does feel a bit uneasy to have a bare face in front of everyone, in the meantime, I also feel excited to attend and here to learn more about AHC, Eye Cream for Face that sold every 2 seconds in Korea.

My first time here at Luxasia Training Room. The ambiance of the room is very calming and soothing. Each of the tables is prep with AHC products, mirror, face brushes, for us to learn AHC Beauty Ritual.

The workshop starts with a relaxed session with Tammy with a calming breathing session. Later on, we start with Yi Ming, the brand manager for AHC on the introduction of the brand and showing us the demo of the AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop.

During this 60 minutes of the workshop, we will experience Beauty ritual with AHC Toner and Lotion, and also with the star product AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face. Next, we will have Self Appreciation & Self Love Session lastly it will end a gratitude session.

About AHC

AHC, Korea Aesthetic brand with a combination of the latest skin science, thoughtful product formula, and optimized usage method. They called this beautiful trinity "AestheBalance". Everyone deserves to find the most beautiful within yourself.

Back in 1999 in Seoul, private aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics were considered to provide the best-in-class skincare and were sought after by highly discerning clientele. It was then that AHC started as a professional skincare line catering to this selective market. 

By caring for these customers ourselves, AHC honed the expertise necessary to create highly effective, aesthetics-based skincare solutions. Enthusiastic reviews of our innovative skincare line spread widely through word of mouth, and many customers began requesting that it be more readily available. Top-quality, yet affordable and easy-to-use products for the larger public was created, and today it is loved by many customers all over the world. 

For more info about the brand, please visit here.

For today's AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop, we are very honored to try out one of their best selling products, which is AHC Real Eye Cream for Face. While I was browsing the AHC website, I learn that among all our skincare products, eye creams have the highest concentration of the most advanced anti-aging technology. By this, AHC believes that this formula, this richness should be shared with your entire face. Hence, they release their AHC Eye Cream for Face with a range of 7 types of eye cream for different skin concerns that you need.

Since its launch, their Eye Cream for Face boasts a staggering sales record of 71.11 million purchase. This Eye Cream for Face is infused with expert skincare know-how and with its selling at a reasonable price, this eye cream has definitely captured the hearts of women out there.

Here's my super bare face before we start the AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop.

Each of the tables comes with AHC Premium Hydra B5 Lotion and Toner, AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face, two clean face brush and a small glass.

Besides that, each of us has the agenda leaflet and a guide paper on the AHC Beauty Ritual steps with AHC Eye Cream for Face.

Before we start, we need to tone and prep our skin using AHC Premium Hydra B5 Toner and Lotion. Both of them contain excellent moisturizing ingredient vitamin B5 that intensively hydrates the skin. The bottle packaging is very special, and the product itself does not carry a heavy fragrance scent when I apply on my face.

Squeeze a generous amount of the product in the small glass.

You can always apply the product using a face brush or using a hand.

AHC Eye Cream for Face is a Purely Natural & Hypoallergenic Anti-Aging Eye Cream. For more info on the product please click here.

Natural ingredients selected by aesthetics-based skincare know-how constituting over 91%of the product provide the full satisfaction of health and beauty. 

Ultrafine Microemulsion System
Natural active ingredients stabilized through ultrafine microemulsion systems allow faster, deeper, and better absorption. 

Clinically Tested
Clinically proven anti-aging formula improves the elasticity of dermis and provides a facial lifting effect, retains moisture for up to 24 hours, and mitigates skin aging.

The texture of the product feels very comfortable on the skin, it does not feel overly greasy or sticky on the skin. After I have finished the AHC beauty ritual, my face instantly feels plump and moisturize. It is like a cream-gel texture that does not feel heavy when applying too. Most importantly it also comes in a very sweet scent that will make you feels better and calm during your skincare session.

You can purchase this from Watson's store/online for 30ml and 60ml packaging. For online purchases, you may go to Lazada and Hermo website.

While we proceed to start our AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop, we have a guide video playing on the screen for us to follow. We can also refer to the guide paper provided as well. I do a gif version for each of the 10 steps below. I do skip some of the steps in my recording, hence I will also include the official video guide of AHC Eye Cream for Face.

So before we start, we need to start with the application. Apply lines of cream around your face. Just apply a generous amount of the product on your face as your preference.

Next on the 2nd Step, we will start the massage with our neck area. We tend to forget our neck are when we are applying skincare.  As you grow older, our neck area will easily get wrinkle and you can see the sign of aging around your neck area. Therefore it is very important to also apply skincare around your neck area. With the super anti-aging formula for Eye Cream product, AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face is here to the rescue.

For the 3rd Steps, while you massage your face, you can apply pressure towards the temples area until to behind ears area as well.

We will be focusing the eye bags area on the 4th Steps. Since our eye area has the thinnest layer, use your ring finger increasing the pressure towards the temples and lifting the eyebrows.

For the 5th and 6th steps, On the eyelids, you may gently press the upper frame of the eyes and the eyelids, towards the temples. On the mouth area, using the middle finger to lift the corners of your mouth to prevent laugh lines. Do you know that by doing this step, you can draw blood circulation to the mouth area to make your lips fuller?

7th Steps. time to apply some pressure at the bridge of the nose on each side and stroke upwards to your brow bones.

For the 8th Steps, form a fish and stroke the forehead upwards using the soft part of the knuckles to prevent fine lines on your forehead area.

9th Steps as per the gif as above. I miss out on the 10th step, for the last step, face to the right keep your body and shoulders facing forward. Place your right hand behind the left ear, stroke down to the neck towards the shoulders. You may apply a generous amount of pressure to release tension around the neck and lymph nodes. Repeat the same on the left side.

Here's the full video guide from AHC, since my demonstration is a bit off due to recording on the spot you may refer to their official video.

Or you can follow the guide as above.

Thanks, AHC for this workshop, where I can learn how to use AHC Eye Cream for Face more effectively. During the process, every one of us is very concentrated and focus on the process of AHC Beauty Ritual. After the process ended, we have a short gratitude session as we were told to hold to breathe in and out and image the good things that had happened in the week. For the bad things, we are given candles to blow away, When we open back our eyes, there's this card given by AHC which says, "Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or even to control your emotions."

Lastly, AHC was kind enough to prepare some treats and drinks after the beauty ritual.

Thanks again for The Butterfly Project and AHC for the wonderful workshop again. I learn so much throughout the workshop. I enjoy myself on the meditation part, self-love session, and the AHC beauty ritual with their star products, AHC Eye Cream for Face.

You can visit Watson's branch to purchase AHC products, you can also buy it online via Hermo or Watsons. Do check out AHC social media platform for more info about the brand and their products:

The Butterfly Project

Till Then.

Photos credits to Eros, from The Butterfly team and Me
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