The Butterfly Project organizes one last Christmas event before the year ends. This time we have Dolly Wink in the house, Dolly Wink has been a hit back then with their fake eyelashes products. This time after 10 years since the brand launching, now they have rebranded and released more fun and natural fake eyelashes for everyone!

This time we have the event at Kakiyuki Ice, 163 Retail Park. Kakiyuki has been famous for its Premium Japanese Shaved Ice, such as n brief, there’s a wide array of kakigori flavors here such as Uji Matcha, Tiramisu, Hojicha and many more. During this Christmas season, they come out with Christmas Flavor too! The best part is that each bowl of shaved ice here is handcrafted with premium ingredients and real fruits. Not only that they also serve Wagashi (Mochi confectionary), and as well as Roll Cakes too. 

I love their matcha very much, where it is not too sweet but also rich in matcha flavor which I like. My favorite flavor of their kakigori is their matcha flavor, each layer of the shaved ice is cover with matcha. But this time we order their Cheese Flavor, and omg the taste is so refreshing. I like it is not too heavy but it has the cheese and lemon flavor, inside filling with lemon and salt, the whole combination which gives this kakigori a very refreshing and unique taste.

About Dolly Wink

Dolly Wink was first launched in 2009. When "Japanese gal culture' has become such a hit social phenomenon in Japan. Tsubasa Masuwaka the founder of Dolly Wink has successfully to capture the heart of the girls. She has become the trendsetter and capable of bringing new fashion trends to all of us. Now after 10 years, Dolly Wink has re-brand and decide to win back the heart of the girls.

As the years went by, fake eyelashes trend has to decrease, most of the people ops for eyelashes extension and eyelashes perming. However, Dolly wink, which comes in the technology of Koji Honpo, there's a chance for false eyelash trend to be the trendsetter again!

All of the goodies we received that day! Not only I will gonna be talking about their eyelashes, but I also love using their eyeliner. I have their eyeliner from one of The Butterfly Project past events, and I can't believe from that day onwards, their eyeliner has been my favorite over and over again. I am so happy and excited when I got this eyeliner from their goodies.

Thank you, Dolly Wink, for pampering us in this event! We get to bring home and try 4 of their fake eyelashes design, double eyelid glue, eyelashes glue, hand cream, eyebrow pencil, and my favorite eyeliner. 

On the event itself, we are encouraged not to apply any eye makeup but just come with base makeup. So most of us came to the event without any eye makeup, as we are gonna try out their eyelashes on the spot. I do also bring my own eye makeup products not knowing Dolly Wink actually has their own eyeshadows products too. I choose the red color packaging shadow, due to the color are warmer and not so monotone like the black color one. Their eyeshadows pigment is really good, just that I would prefer some matte color on the palettes itself.  But most of J Beauty eyeshadow, they always come in shimmer texture. Shimmer color can make your eyes look much bigger and brighter.

I really like the new packaging of Dolly Wink Easy Lashes, they have all of these cute illustrations icons by Mr. Shobu Tsuchiya. Mr. Shobu Tsuchiya has been working actively for advertising for a few fashion brands, such as MIUMIU, and UNIQLO, cover design of books. I love how the design of their new packaging and illustration, it has all the different fashion outfit matches all their eyelashes style. By the fashion outfit styling on the packaging, the consumer will able to know which fake eyelashes they should buy according to the outfits, and event that they wanted to wear the eyelashes. This will make the consumer more confident in purchasing Dolly Wink Fake lashes!

Dolly Wink has released a total of 16 designs of the fake eyelashes. They separate to four different events, for dinners and dates, they have four sweet fake lashes design for you, natural fake lashes for your daily wear at work or play. For Instagram-able moments, we need those colorful fake lashes that will able to give some pop to your makeup look. Lastly, for parties and holidays, everyone will need to hype up their holiday mood, you will need those pop and volumize fake lashes to have your look stand out. I like how that for each different occasion, we have 4 designs to choose from, and we can choose accordingly to our mood, outfit, and occasion.

We have four of each occasion fake lashes to play with, guess which design that I pick. I love each of the packagings of the fake eyelashes, it comes with a handy size that is travel-friendly.

Dolly Wink has run a survey on eyelash makeup, especially target on those who are not a mascara or eyelash extension lover. Like me, I don't apply mascara whenever I do makeup, mascara tends to lumps my eyelashes, it does not stay after a long makeup day, it will smudge if you do not choose a mascara that suitable for yourself. Even when I want to remove my makeup, mascara tends to take a longer time to be removed, even when I apply it took a long time to apply nicely on the lashes.

As for the eyelash extension, it has a higher maintenance cost. One session costs around 100-200myr or even 300myr, and it will also affect your real eyelashes too. With False eyelashes, highly that you will not experience all these issues, it easily makes your lases longer than mascara, you can easily change the design of the eyelashes base on the event, it makes your eyes and makeup looks pretty too!

My first time wearing fake eyelashes after so long!! I'm really nervous due to my first time trying to put on fake eyelashes on my eyes. In the packaging itself, it has one small eyelash glue and one pair of fake eyelash.

While I anxiously apply the fake eyelashes, the fake eyelashes just sat nicely on my eyelashes easily! I couldn't believe it, that I literally just spend few seconds wearing the Dolly Wink fake lashes.

Check out their official video above, and follow how they wear Dolly Wink Easy Lashes in just 10 seconds!

I chose the of their yellow design fake eyelashes that are suitable for daily use and for normal outdoor activity. I like the fake lashes immediately makes my eyes look much bigger and more energetic. Without the help of mascara, my lashes feel much more volume and more lifted up too. I like that I can instantly have the volumize lashes easily, with minimal effort needed while putting on the fake eyelashes.

With this new Dolly Wink's easy lash launch, Dolly Wink's new false eyelashes aim to bring up the Easy, New Eyelash trend. They hope that with their new release range of easy lash, they can reach out to more people on how quick and easy their eyelashes can be worn in just 10 seconds! With this new easy lashes launch by Dolly Wink, it will be the daily eye makeup for everyone. 

Now you can purchase Dolly Wink Easy Lash using 4allbeauty App! With just RM 29.90 per box, you can use up to one month, is it considered very affordable and budget-friendly. Once you registered an account, you can get RM 10 off on the FIRST online purchase. Furthermore, you will receive Birthday Voucher to spend and receive Apps exclusive promotion info too. With just one app, you can shop a lot of J beauty, Hair Care, and Body Care products without any hassle. Scan the QR Code and download try out the app now! 

Lastly thanks to The Butterfly Project for a wonderful Christmas Party with Dolly Wink, Kojihonpo, and Kakiyuki. I like how we all dress up in a kawaii outfit to celebrate this last party with all the Butterflies. Congrats to all the best dress winners for the event! Here's my feminine cute Japanese girl look for the event.

Where to buy?
Dolly Wink Easy Lash RM29.90/each is available online on and at Sasa stores.

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