On the 19th of November, Voir Gallery launches its Project Denim Angel 2.0 at Common Ground, Menara BT.  I am really grateful for the opportunity to be able to witness the launch of this project. I learn so much about Up-cycle and Recycles fabrics knowledge when I attend the launching. 

About Project Denim Angel 2.0

A CSR project initiated by Voir Group through Voir Gallery. This project was first launched on 18th March 2019. The first phase of this project was only within its own retail stores in Klang Valley. This is their second wave of this project now to capture the best spring cleaning period of the year. It is important to educate consumers about managing fabric waste in a proper manner, as well as use the right channels to give second to our fabrics especially denim. 

Outfit styling from VOIR Gallery and Suri Lifestyle pieces.

This time they have forged a strategic partnership with Kloth Cares Lifeline Clothing and Selangor Youth Community, with Suri Lifestyles as their denim transformation beneficiary. In this project, they have also garnered support from many partners such as shopping malls, government agencies, NGOs, universities, and corporate companies, who believe in the sincerity of this project. 

From the first start of just collecting denim for upcycling, now with Kloth Cares and Lifeline Clothing, this project now can collect all types of fabrics, shoes, bags, belts, linen and soft toys. We need to be more aware of letting these unwanted fabrics end up in landfills.

In support of the single mother's community, SURI Lifestyles focuses on upcycling denim clothes and made them new products, such as denim pouch, bag, wallet and even to a new piece of an outfit. Whatever you can think of denim can make of, they can just do it. You can check out their website to shop for their products in support of the single mother's community.

 While the founder was presenting the company, I really admired her courage and good work in helping out single mothers. She is such a big heart individual that contributes to the community.

About SURI Lifestyle

SURI is a social enterprise that strives to empower single and underprivileged mothers by providing financial opportunity and living skills of sewing. Suri's objective is to erase the mindset of charitable offerings to these mothers, but instead, they also go beyond that by also geared toward income-based plans through the employment support program. All of their products are handcrafted with the creative innovation of up-cycled denim materials by their mothers. With the incorporation of up-cycling denim materials, each and the individual product has a unique value of its own.

SURI Lifestyles

During the launch, I meet a lot of wonderful women that contribute to this project. By education and promote this project to everyone out there to learn about the importance of upcycling and recycle clothes. From the Kloth lines, we can learn where do the recycle fabrics went to and how they process those fabrics. During their sharing, I get to know that 95% of unwanted clothing can be recycled. Malaysians produce up to 2000 tonnes of textile wastes a day which makes up of solid wastes that end up in our landfills. With all these fabric and textile wastes decompose, a potent greenhouse gas called methane is released. Landfill methane emission affects climate change. Now in Malaysia, we have more than 150 landfills that are now closed due to the overflow of solid wastes.

Kloth Cares aim is to divert 2,000,000 kg of unwanted fabrics from ending up in the landfills and to achieve this target from 18th Aug 2018 to 18th Feb 2021. With the help of Project Denim Angel 2.0, hopefully, they can closer to their target. 

About Kloth Cares

KLOTH cares is a Malaysian social entrepreneurship movement, initiated by three young minds who just want to Keep Fabrics Out of Landfills. Kloth Cares was formed under the Kloth Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. umbrella brand which was founded on 11.12.13.  In Support of circular economy, Kloth cares has formed a strong partnership with; LifeLine Clothin Malaysia (LLCM) and Selangor Youth Community (SAY) who are also passionate to this Giving New Life to Fabrics by staying true to Kloth Cares' 5R Principle - Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose and Recycle.

Kloth Care's mission is to be amongst the pioneers that drive the urban mining movement in Malaysia, under structured urban mining practices, that will in time Kepp Fabrics Out of Landfills while fostering a sustainable way of life for the Bangsa Malaysia. 

Kloth Cares aims to address the challenges with fabric/textile waste by launching Kloth Cares 188 Fabric Recycling Campaign.

Kloth Care

Everyone playing their part in supporting the launch of Project Denim Angel 2.0.

After the event ended, we are also served by some yummy snacks and drinks. Lovely decoration with the VOIR Gallery mark logo on the food.

Project Denim Angel's mission is to become the first Malaysian fashion retailer to drive this movement to educate consumers on reducing downstream fabric waste through proper channels by donating to this project for upcycling, repurpose and recycle. I hope that we can all work together in this movement to keep fabrics out of landfills!

You can find all the collection bins at the following locations:

Shopping Mall
Eko Cheras (Lower Ground Floor, near Starbucks)
Paradigm Mall, PJ (LG Entrance, beside Cantin)
IOI City Mall, Putrajaya (East Wing P2 Basement)
IOI Mall Puchong (West Entrance Ground Floor, near Soda)
Midvalley City Mall (South Court P2 Basement)
Sunway Velocity Mall (LG Lift Lobby, F&B Level)
Sunway Giza (Centre Court, Ground Floor)
Sunway Pyramid (LG2, Oasis Zone, near texas Chicken Entrance)
Dataran Pahlawan (Ground Floor, South Main Entrance)

Public University 
Pusanika, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi
Masjid, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi

Common Ground (Co-working and private office Space)
CG Ampang (Lot 36904 Petronas Station, Jalan Kolam Air Lama)
CG Damansara Heights (Level 16, Penthouse, Wisma UOA Damansara II)
Cg Petaling Jaya (The Square, Jaya One)
CG KL Eco City (Level 15 - 19, Menara 2)
CG Bukit Bintang (Level 24 & 25, Menara Worldwide)
CG Mont Kiara 9Level 13A, Wisma Mont Kiara)
CG Bangsar South (Level 1 & 2, Tower 3, Menara BT)
CG Menara UEM ( Menara UEm Edgenta)

About Voir Gallery

VOIR Gallery is a multi-brands urban concept store offering a wide range of fashion-forward pieces for ladies, men, and kids. With more than 8 distinctive brands, such as Voir, Soda,  Applemints, Douth China Sea, and G& H. All these unique brands offer shoppers a myriad of styles and trends within workwear, casual outfits, dinner dresses to activewear, streetwear and fashion handbags. Currently, Voir Gallery operates 26 flagship outlets in major malls in cities across Malaysia

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