Congrats on Premier Clinic on their new branch open at Mont Kiara. Thanks for the invite to the launch and also able to witness how hair loss can cause a huge impact on our life. As the years go by, aesthetics has become part of our life and I'm really happy and excited for Premier Clinic to continue growth and reach out to more people out how aesthetics can bring impact to their life.

About Premier Clinic
Premier Clinic is one of the top 3 aesthetic clinics in the Klang Valley. Premier Clinic is equipped with modern technology, advanced machines and credentialed doctors with specialized knowledge in aesthetic medicine. They also licensed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health, Premier Clinic offers an extensive range menu of aesthetic treatments to help you attain your desired perfection in beauty and health. 

First, I want to congrats on their newest Premier Clinic Mont Kiara branch. Dr. Chen Tai Ho, the founder of Premier Clinic Malaysia is giving his opening speech before the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Here we have Dr. Foo Wing Jian, aesthetic doctor and Head of Hair Transplant of Premier Clinic in the middle and Dr. Chen Tai Ho, the founder of Premier Clinic Malaysia officiating the clinic at Mont Kiara on the left. Both of the founders, Dr. Chen Tai Ho and Dr. Foo Wing Jian cut the ribbon to officially open the new Mont Kiara branch.

After the officiating ceremony, we are to move inside to continue to have a sharing session by Dr. Foo Wing Jian. As Premier Clinic in Mont Kiara is helmed by Dr. Foo who specializes in hair restoration and if you have issues with thinning hair or scalp problems, you can make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Foo in this new Mont Kiara branch.

Most of the people out there do not understand how hair care is important to our life. Dr. Foo, himself has been suffered from hair loss before, where he didn't really take note about until when it became serious. There are various reasons that can cause hair loss, such as Hormonal Changes, Medical Conditions, Obsessive Stress, Genetics/Hereditary, Medication, Lack of Protein/Iron and Poor Diet. Hair loss can be cured if you find the right treatment for your hair loss problem. There are few hair treatments that Premier Clinic, Mont Kiara can offer, such as Hair Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Hair Filler and so on base on different hair loss issues.

Hair Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Hair Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) adds an intensive boost to the natural nutrient retention ability of the scalp to improve hair thickness, strength, and density.

Hair Filler
Hair Filler is rich in hyaluronic acid and peptides to boost blood circulation in the scalp and revitalizes hair follicles, giving you a denser, elegant, younger look.

We are also here to witness one of the real patients, Ms. Chong who has undergone the procedures with Dr. Foo from Premier Clinic and they shared their real-life hair treatment experience. During the session, we are also able to understand how the treatment feels, what are the side effects, how long it takes to recover, how it helps to fight hair loss problem and how it helps her to boost back her self-confidence after few treatments with Dr. Foo from Premier Clinic. 

As per the photo above, you will able to see the tremendous results of her hair loss journey after and before undergoing the treatments to regain her confidence and hair back. She is now able to be more confident when she is around with her family and colleague at work. 

After the insightful sharing session, Dr. Foo chooses 5 guests to have the chance to try out Hair Analysis to test out the health of our scalp. Where we can experience the live procedures of the hair analysis consultation. Especially on our hairline, it can be the area where it will have more hair loss and caused balding on our hair. Not only that, there were 2 volunteers on that day doing Hair Laser (Rosie) and Hair PRP (Nafidz Daniel).

For Nafidz Daniel, Dr. Foo chooses to treat him with Hair Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) due to his hair is more on the severe balding hair loss problem. Hair PRP uses the patient blood, with the Premier Clinic advanced technology tool, it filters out the best of the best from the blood extract. This Hair Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) helps to add an intensive boost to the natural nutrient retention ability of the scalp to improve hair thickness, strength, and density. Even the results might look scary, but the overall process only comes in minimal pain and very fast!

As for Rosie, she opts for Hair laser since she does not suffer from severe hair loss issues. The hair laser machines do not cause any pain at all when Rosie going through the process. Dr. Foo focuses especially on the hairline which is where the hair loss problem starts. 

Treatment Room

Treatment Room 2

VIP waiting room

Organization Chart of Premier Clinic

As Premier Clinic was awarded Top Hair Transplant Provider in the Asia Pacific in 2019, I can be very confident to even intro my friends and family to visit Premier Clinic for any hair loss problem. After attending the event, I am starting to be more cautious about hair care and hair loss problem. I am really thankful that, I have found a solution for any hair loss issue!

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Free 1 Skin Perfection Laser worth RM1500
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✔️ Hair Growth PRP
✔️ Sexual Enhancement PRP
✔️Vaginal Tightening Laser

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