Thanks The Beauty Expert Academy invite us to one of their beauty launch at their academy. Just read along my post to know what have we done during the event, where we have a lot of yummy food, ice breaking, and also some fun activities we did together with The Beauty Expert team.

The Beauty Expert Academy
The Beauty Expert Academy is a salon that offers all kinds of beauty services, from self-care, self pamper moment to skill learning on spa services. All of their students are recognized with the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) and other relevant medical departments. They also offer classes for skills learning and all of their customer and students are well pleased with their services. Few aesthetic services are very popular in The Beauty Expert Academy is BB Glow - Sulam Bedak Kristal, Placentex and BIO-Dermagun.

The event is nicely prepared, upon registration, we are invited to sit anywhere that we are comfortable. There is also food served while we are waiting for the guests to arrive. On the table itself, there's a mirror on the table and a door gift is prepare for us.

Facial treatment room for two guests. The room is very comfortable for the guest to enjoy their facial treatment with The Beauty Expert Academy team.

Before the event start, we can tour around the center to check out all their services and environment that they provided to their customer. This special room is especially for those post-natal care,  where the mother can enjoy relaxing body treatment for body restoration and relaxation after giving birth. The process for post-natal care is very important for a woman to maintain good health and beauty within.

After touring around the center, we have Mrs. Mastura Binti Idris from Kerteh, Terengganu is the founder of the Beauty Expert Academy to give a brief introduction about The Beauty Expert Academy. The Beauty Expert Academy Spa Cheras has been operated since 2012. She is also a Vocational Training Operation with Certification of Teaching Competency that whoever who wants to learn any aesthetic and spa therapy can check out their academy for classes.

In The Beauty Expert Academy, they offer services for Beauty Aesthetic and Traditional Spa for customers. We also have fun trying out some of their beauty tool for facial, like the photo above is their ice ball, where it helps cooling and improve blood circulation around the face area. In The Beauty Expert Academy, they only use the latest technology to help their customers for any facial concern. What's more interesting than The Beauty Expert Academy is the 1st Aesthetic Spa that with no injection services and also one of the best Aesthetic Spa in Kuala Lumpur. However, they are still able to provide the best aesthetic results and services for their customer.

There are a few services that are very famous in The Beauty Expert Academy, one of them is BB Glow - Sulam Bedak. Mrs. Mastura Binti Idris shares some of her customer testimony where this BB Glow treatment gives immediate results on the face after the first try, where you can see improvement on your skin, where you have a healthy glow and complexion, and the good things are this effect can long-lasting for 2 to 3 months. This treatment does not need an injection, but it will focus on polish your skin surface without hurting your skin.  

On that day, we also celebrate the launch of the RoyalQ Asia skincare range to the public. Where Mrs. Mastura Binti Idris firstly only introduces to her customer and friends, she is very concerned about the real results of the product usage hence she does not rush on the launch to the public. The products from RoyalQ Asia skincare is now open to the public! Be sure to check out if you happen to visit The Beauty Expert Academy.

If you wish to experience the benefits of BB Glow and experience the best aesthetic spa service can provide, do book your appointment now with The Beauty Expert Academy! Not forget that all customers that come to enjoy their aesthetic treatment will get themself two of the RoyalQ Asia skincare products, which is Diamond Dolly Booster Essence and Liquid Foundation Sunblock SPF60.

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