Back to some food post again! This time we have it at home because I will gonna blog about GoGoPot HotPot Delivery that you will definitely love it. GoGoPot Delivery is Malaysia 1st pork-free steamboat delivery that aims to cater to everyone's needs and provide you a special hotpot experience that you need at home.

When I first found out GoGoPot Delivery, I was really surprised by their steamboat package and food varieties because they are too many to choose from! The price range for their steamboat package also not that expensive too, but still, you can get to enjoy different varieties of steamboat package and food. Their delivery fee starts from RM10 and so on depends on how many km within their delivery area.

Not only that during this MCO period, I been craving hotpot for the longest time and I have been looking for hotpot delivery for the longest time too! Some of the criteria that I have been looking is, whether they have pot or gas provided, is there any minimum order, whats the food choice and price, etc. Ended up I did not find anything that I like and up to the criteria that I want. 

To be honest, I am glad that now I find out about GoGoPot Delivery, here are some of the few reasons that I absolutely like about them.

1. Free Pot

What pot you need? Yellow one person pot? Stainless steel pot? 2 in 1 pot?
All their pot is FREE for you!! I was so surprised when they told me that the pot is FREE and we can keep it after we did our hotpot session.

Here's our super cute pastel pink 2 in 1 pot where you can have your own steamboat hotpot area and another side is for BBQ. Not only that the appearance of this is super cute and sweet but the functionality of the pot is top-notch! I can easily use and enjoy my hotpot session. The button to adjust the cooking time is quite limited, but hey I have no problem controlling the button. Where you got only to adjust I Level, II Level, and Off button control. 

2. Food quality

To my surprise at a very affordable price, you can enjoy one sumptuous hotpot meal with 3-4 people. Not only that their meat is very fresh and super easy to cook. You know when the meat is not fresh, and after you cook, you can still taste that the texture is hard and saggy. But with GoGoPot, I can enjoy really nice meat and seafood from them. Not only that they have their frozen food prepared in their Thermobag and are free to keep too! 

Super Combo Campur 2 in 1 Steamboat & BBQ RM 189.90

The package that we order from GoGoPot is Super Combo Campur 2 in 1 Steamboat & BBQ with the price you can enjoy with up to 5 people. But if you have a few guys which are a big eater you can order add on as well which is very convenient and easy with GoGoPot Delivery.

In this super combo campus, you can get food as below which I personally feel is way too sumptuous for a lunch session at home, haha!

✔️Seafood Platter (fish, scallop, lala, prawn)
✔️ Beef Slice (100g)
✔️ Lamb Slice (100g)
✔️ Chicken Slice (200g)
✔️ Lamb Skewers (100g)
✔️ Beef Skewers (100g)
✔️ Steamboat Platter (8 types of variety)
✔️ Veggie Platter (6 types of different veggie) 
✔️ Noodle & Eggs (Noodles, Mee Hoon, Eggs, Bean Crub) x 2
✔️ Mushroom Platter (3 types of different mushrooms) 
✔️ Soup & BBQ Sauce
✔️ Full steamboat & BBQ equipment

3. Soup

If you have known me well, whenever comes to steamboat or hotpot Mala will always be my first choice! I like how GoGoPot has prepared the Mala sauce in a very secure special packaging, where you can just add water and just scoop out their Mala Sauce and cook. You will need an extra RM 5 for Mala soup choice!

To my surprise, I love their mala soup a lot! I like how I can control the mala level I want by just scooping the amount that I want to cook and enjoy. I can be very picky about the taste of Mala soup as well, whether it is too light or too strong or spicy but theirs is so good!

4. 2 in 1 BBQ

When I saw that they have the option for 2 in 1 package, I go like wowwww. I like how versatile and so many varieties their steamboat packages can be, 2 in 1 style? Korean steamboat? Curry? You can just order from GoGoPot Delivery !! I do miss BBQ moment as well with COVID situation, but with this 2 in 1 Package I can now do HotPot and BBQ all in 1 easily without having anxious or worrying about crowds in the restaurant.

I guess the best part is who doesn't like free stuff?? I like how GoGoPot commits and go to further extend by doing this for their customer. Not only that they come out with so many different steamboat packages and with no pork no lard choices, hence many people can also enjoy hotpot easily at home.  

I will definitely recommend GoGoPot if I have anymore hang out session with my friend at home again. Do check out GoGoPot Delivery social media and website or whatapps to order!


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