Mentholatum LipIce has just released a brand-new LINE FRIENDS themed Fruity and Tinted lip balm collection featuring special LINE FRIENDS characters on its product packaging. All the fans of these adorable-looking characters will surely be delighted with the latest lip balm collection that comes with a special formulation to deeply moisturize and protect your lips, keeping them looking healthy and beautiful.

Ths new Mentholatum LipIce LINE FRIENDS collection Lip balm is available in Fruity Lip balm and Tinted Lip balm range. Both of the Lipbalm collection contains ultra-moisturizing and nourishing properties to keep your lips hydrated, soft, smooth, and supple all day long!

Mentholatum LipIce LINE FRIENDS Tinted Lipbalm | 3.5g RM14.90

The Mentholatum LipIce Tinted Lip balm is an ultra-nourishing lip balm that provides color and protection to your lips. It is enriched with Super Hyaluronic Acid to seal in moisture, ensuring long-lasting hydration on the lip. The Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Collagen contained in the lip balm also help improve lip texture, giving you bouncier and smoother lips upon application! 

On top of that, this new tinted lip balm is also infused with antioxidant Vitamin E to keep your lip smooth and healthy while its SPF of 15 helps protect the lips against the harmful UV rays. You can apply when you head out or having outdoor activities, which gives a hint of color on your lips and protects you from harmful UV rays.

The Mentholatum LipIce Tinted Lipbalm is available in two variants, namely Raspberry Red and Wild Berry Pink to give your lips a beautiful sheer coverage with an added refreshing fruity flavor. The Raspberry Red and Wild Berry Pink variants are represented by LINE FRIENDS CHOCO and CONY respectively on its product packaging. 

Mentholatum LipIce LINE FRIENDS Fruity Lipbalm | 3.5g, RM14.90

Packaged in a 3D plastic juice cup, this lip balm range is enriched with Real Fruit Juice to provide a fun, cooling, and refreshing sensation to your lip upon application. It is formulated with natural moisturizing ingredients to help moisturize your lips while leaving them with a refreshing fruity flavor. 

To top it off, this new fruity lip balm also comes with SPF15 to protect your lips against the UV rays. The fruity lip balm range is available in three fruity flavors, i.e. Strawberry, Apple, and Lemon; each of which is represented by a LINE FRIENDS character on its packaging, namely CONY, SALLY, and BROWN. The Fruity lip balm is recommended for daily use.


When I receive their packaging with all of the Lipice LINE Friends Lipbalm Collection, I was so surprised and happy because of how cute their packaging is! I am a very big fan of LINE Friends and with this new collaboration with LINE friends got me very excited! The packaging of each of the lip balm is printed with each of the LINE Friend characters.  I love the packaging where it is very colorful and summery, all the fans of LINE Friends will definitely need to buy and try out this product.

As a big fan of LINE Friends this collection definitely caught my eyes! With the cute packaging of the LINE Friends character on the lip balm itself, it definitely cute to bring out as lip balm and use it as a daily protection lip balm on our lips. Retailed at RM14.90, the latest Mentholatum LipIce Line Friends Lipbalm Collection is available all leading pharmacies starting August 2020.

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