Welcome back to my blog! After finish, my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia travel blog to Penang, Melaka, and Pulau Redang here's another fun and place to visit when you're in KL. This is a very famous park lately since COVID and everyone is here for picnic moments with friends and family. I have been visiting this park for the last two months, where I went there for the sunflowers, and the other day I was there for a fun picnic moment with my friends there. We took a lot of cute and ootd photos here in Taman Sauna Hijau. Read on to check on my photos.

My first photos will be those that I took at the Sunflower patch. Although there are not many sunflowers in the area, we manage to take some nice photo with all the sunflowers. One of the reasons I'm here is that I want to see sunflowers in real life and take photos with them!

I do afraid that the flowers will wilt so I'm here to have a peak on the flowers first. I don't have anything in mind on what I want to wear, just thinking that I might wear this orange outfit to match with the sunflowers. This orange outfit has been in my wardrobe for the longest time. I never really like orange color to wear but this outfit is kinda cute on me.

Keep wanted to take a closer look at the sunflowers. You can just grab one that looks pretty and took photos with the flowers.

I manage to curl my hair to do some styling for this look. But seriously I'm really sucked in doing this and ended up only one side looks nice and you will notice I only left one side of the nice curl part out hahaha. I do want to practice and try it more often so that I can get used to curling my own hair.

Lastly saw these beautiful trees and wanted to take my full body look with the tress as my background. I also bring some props with me when we are here. But too bad it started raining after we were for like 30 minutes so this entire shooting is very quick and fast.

Loving this fake Daisy that I bought from Taobao, just wanted to take some nice and pretty photo with Daisy. Act ๆ–‡้’ artistic with Daisy.

Basically, if you need to go up to the park you will have pass by this entire forest area. We just took a few shots because loving the trees as a background. I'm wearing black boots with this outfit because thinking to not wear white to walk on the grass and the mud, therefore a pair of black boots are the perfect pair of shoes to wear!

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Bottom | Taobao
Boots | Taobao

For my next part of this post, is all about our picnic birthday party at this park. Since we are here for the entire day time, therefore the photos here are more than the first outfit. We just start with these photos that took by one of my BFF, Nicole, and omg the photos turn out so pretty and dreamy with the bubbles! So happy that we have bubbles as an extra prop for most of the photos I took for this part.

One of the highlights of my outfit for this picnic is definitely the ribbon!

Here's our setup for our Picnic Birthday Party! We have our cake from @lilianshomemade and our platter from @splatterme. Props and Picnic mat mostly from me. We set up this corner pretty quickly and also take photos very fast as well because the cake and food do need to eat freshly but we spend almost one hour looking for this spot. My dress checkers pretty match with the picnic checkers mat as well.

Omg guys the cake is super delicious! We can't stop digging the cake because it is not too sweet, the hojicha and cake texture taste so balance and taste so good!

Happy Birthday to Shin May! We have so much fun looking at the perfect spot for a picnic and also taking photo too. We have more funny photos by the end of the post.

Not only that we move to 3 different spots because the spot we choose is direct sunlight. We got all sunburn as well since we walk under the sun for a long time and also during our picnic too.

 Basically this spot you will see a lot of people here picnic around this area. Because they have these trees that look like you are in some foreign country. Took some fun photos here in the middle of the trees.

I'm definitely loving my red ribbon on my hair! It matches my red dress as well.

After our picnic and chit-chatting at our picnic area, we notice that the sky starts to turn cloudy so we quickly pack our stuff and we continue to explore some of the nice spots of the park. Here are some of my full body shots of my outfit. 

I decided to go for a cute outfit look, and since I have not exactly worn this and take any ootd photos. Additionally, I just bought the red ribbon, therefore I decided to wear this red checkers dress together with the ribbon. For my shoes, I'm wearing the same pair of black boots as my first outfit. Holding the basket along with me, I feel like a Little Red Riding Hood in the forest.

When we first look for the picnic spot, we found this very pretty scenery across the park. So we wanted to come back here to take photo! And omg it's the prettiest spot in the park, from far the small bushes look extra cute and the whole scene makes you look like you're not in Malaysia!! It is a very chill and pretty corner to take photo ๆ‰“ๅก.

My favorite spot!

Closer details of our picnic setup and food! I really like the setup, when all of us just bring along some colorful drinks or small props ended up you can easily have a beautiful corner for photos!

Lastly, here are some of the fun photos that we take together. Guess it never grows boring by taking all these fun photos. Can't believe we spend like 4-5 hours here, we get to take photos, picnic, eating and chit-chatting together. It is a very chilling and relaxing picnic date with my favorite girls.

 That's all for my post on my fun experience in Taman Saujana Hijau. This is a very beautiful and fun park to visit! Never been trying picnic before in KL, can't believe after so long finally we did it. This park is really a Gem in KL. Hope this post can help you guys to find and explore more gems in Malaysia!

Outfit Details
Dress | Voir Gallery
Ribbon | Taobao
Boots | Taobao

Taman Saujana Hijau
Jalan P11, Presint 11, 62000 Putrajaya, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Till then. 


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