Christmas time is all about giving and sharing. This Christmas if you are curious and unsure what gift to buy or prepare for your loved ones, Purple Cane has it all to help you with the gift ideas. From less than 100myr to more than 100myr, you can definitely pick a favorite gift set as a gift. It has not been the best year due to the pandemic but let’s not let that stop us from ending this year with joy. Purple Cane has been emphasizing the health-tea norm to stay healthy and positive. 

The best gift is the gift of health! Especially for this Christmas season and to continue to spark joy, here are Purple Cane’s Top 6 Recommended Gift Bundles for a TEA-rific Christmas this year!

Read on to see whats Purple Cane has to offer for their Gift Set idea!

If you are unsure which pack to start with? You can kickstart your tea journey with Cane’s Tea. Choose from Green Tea, White Tea, Puer Tea, and Slimtee. This set comes with a limited edition of Cane’s Humidifier worth RM45.90! Such a steal.

πŸ’“ Cane's Green Tea: The most natural antioxidant beverage you can get which in turn
strengthens our body constitution.
πŸ’“ Cane's Slimtee: Consume frequently to optimize your beauty and health.
πŸ’“ Cane's White Tea: Consume frequently to promote metabolism, beauty, and fairness of
πŸ’“ Cane's Puer Tea: Mild in nature and gentle for the stomach, puer tea is a great daily
beverage with health benefits. It is believed to help digest fatty food, suitable for people
who are concern about their body shape and well being

Every tea lover should have their very own teaware. How about starting with a Glass Warmer Teapot
Set? This exquisite teaware not only looks good but is an excellent teaware to brew loose tea leaves,
flower tea, and even your own blend of tea! This bundle comes with their popular Cane’s Green Tea

This set is so perfect to brew your own tea at home, you can brew your own tea and relax at home without the crowds. Their glass warmer teapot is so pretty!

Why give flowers when you can give our blooming tea! Watch your tea bloom like a flower right in
front of your eyes! Premium tender green tea buds with edible flowers, this artisan tea is a sight to
behold and a taste to cherish. 

As creative as it is flavourful, the hand-woven tea bouquet unfurls elegantly in the glass, yielding a mesmerizing sweet aroma and refreshingly smooth infusion. As the bud blooms into a flower when hot water is poured over it, the bold and bright hues come to life amidst the bloom's gently swaying motion in the tea infusion. What a beautiful sight and wonderful aroma for some peaceful, cozy tea moments in the afternoon!

Add on a glass teaware to make it the perfect gift.

Flower Tea Trio Pack

Are you a fan of flower tea? Grab their Flower Tea Trio Pack which comes with 1 box of Baby Chrysanthemum (50g), 1 box Deep Crimson Roses (16g), 1 box Jasmine Green Tea (75g). ●

πŸ’“Baby Chrysanthemum is made from the choicest first buds of Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum. Uniform in size, these delicate golden tiny buds unfurl into multi-layers of overlapping petals when steeped in hot water, produces a clear, bright yellow infusion with a very gentle, sweet taste and elegant aroma. This is a soothing drink one can enjoy at any time of the day or night.

πŸ’“Rose Tea has a unique flavor, and rich content in Vitamin C, anthocyanins, citronellal, and citronellol. Taking rose tea helps beautify the skin, lighten the complexion, eliminate fatigue, and promote metabolism; meanwhile, it also helps ease the mood and relieve depression.

πŸ’“ Jasmine Tea is one of flower-scented tea further processed from the finest tea leaves with the beautifully sweet-smelling fresh jasmine. This is an excellent quality tea and has a wonderful fine flavor with natural flower fragrance. Good at any time as a refreshing and soothing drink.

This Christmas we have Purple Cane kind enough to send over their Tea-rific Christmas set to us! I have been enjoying their tea so much ever since I receive it. I even create my own Honeylicious Green Tea Fruit Punch. It was very easy and simple to create, the taste of the Fruit Tea Punch is so fragrance with the green tea but also come in the sweet taste of the fruits when mixing everything together.

Watch the IGTV that I post on my Instagram for more info.

Prepare list below:
2 units of Cane's Green Tea Ba
1/4 Apple
1/4 Pear
1/4 Orange
50ml Lemon Juice
50ml Honey/ Syrup Water
350ml Hot water

Mix everything together in a teapot or a glass jar that you prefer. The amount of the fruits and lemon juice/honey that you need, you can adjust accordingly to your liking.

For more info of all Purple Cane Christmas Gift Set

Tea does the magic of making your Christmas better and warmer. Have a joy-filled Christmas and stay TEA-rific with Purple Cane!

Till Then.


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