We will tend to ignore taking care of our teeth hygiene and whitening. Today I will blog about this Whitekish Magic Charcoal which can help you to achieve teeth cleanliness and gives you whiter teeth too. This product is safe to use for children and preggo as well. Read on to know what this product about and how it can help taking care of your teeth and gives you back your confident white teeth.

Whitekish Magic Charcoal 10gm 
RM89.90 (WM) | RM99.90 (EM) 

Whitekish Magic Charcoal is a product from Jamumall. It is a local Malaysian product and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Its made from 100% natural ingredients, natural coconut shell without corrosive chemicals such as peroxide to whiten the teeth. The charcoal itself can help lift away plaque and food particles by help in neutralise the mouth pH level.

This product is suitable for those who have rusty and yellow teeth. It can help prevent your teeth from bleeding when brushing. Not only it taking care of your teeth, but it can also help prevent a bad smell in your mouth also too! For those coffee lovers & smokers, you will need Whitekish Magic Charcoal to give you back whiter teeth. 


The packaging is small and travels friendly. I like it is small and in this silver chic color. The cover also looks like a crown which makes it even cuter looking. 

Each Whitekish set comes with the Magic Charcoal and a unique microfiber toothbrush to use with it. 

The microfiber toothbrush is so soft and fine, it does not feel harsh when you use to brush your teeth. Due to the Whitekish Magic Charcoal powder is a carbon powder might be a little abrasive on the teeth, hence it is advisable to use a soft brush to reduce the abrasiveness. 

Although it can be really messy when you open it, please be extra careful when you open the lid to prevent the charcoal powder from spilling out. 


1. Wet the microfiber toothbrush.
2. Open and Dip the toothbrush into Whitekish Magic Charcoal
3. Use twice a day for the first week; Use twice a week subsequently

Do only use any soft toothbrush or use their own microfiber toothbrush. 
Brush gently and focus area only on your teeth. 
One small packaging can be used for up to 2 months.

Before: Top
After: Bottom


The results are not very obvious but I already can see my teeth overall do look whiter and brighter. I do not have bleeding plague when I brush my teeth like I used to have previously. It keeps my mouth stay away from bad odor the whole day and even after I wake up too! I can see my plague and teeth problem has been improved when I start to use Whitekish Magic Charcoal.

It just that I don't like it get messy when I brush and wash away the charcoal residue after brushing my teeth with it. You just have to control the usage and be careful when you cleanse your mouth.

Overall I have good experience using Whitekish Magic Charcoal. I like how Whitekish Magic Charcoal is taking care of your teeth from getting damaged quickly due to our daily food & drinks. It also helps gain confidence by giving you healthy and brighter teeth.

With only RM65.00 per combo pack, you can get 2 x Whitekish Magic Charcoal, a microfiber toothbrush, and a pouch bag. Is it very affordable but giving you effective results!

For more information or if you wish to purchase WHITEKISH Magic Charcoal you may Call/ SMS/ WhatsApp +6017-889 8878

Whitekish Magic Charcoal

Till Then.

Disclaimer: Even though the product is sent for review purposes. However, it does not affect my own opinion.


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