Back to my favorite outfit post, in this post, I will show two diverse looks that so comes out with. One outfit is the cute and feminine outfit that I usually wear out, and another one is cooler and swag outfit with my lounge pants.

The first outfit is this lovely blue checkers dress that been quite in trend the last few months. It is the BM style that Jennie always wears. I know it's a bit late for trying this BM style but I really love this whole set outfit put together.

The dress is a bit tight for liking but I still manage to fit through. If you are not comfortable with wearing a tight dress, I would definitely recommend you to get the plaided skirt too. It's the almost same style that you can try too. Since I'm not comfortable with wearing a spaghetti dress hence I decide to get the same color cardigan to match.

The overall fit is still wearing comfortable just that I'm not really used to wearing tight outfits. Luckily I have a sling bag to cover my belly. 

The entire color coordinate that I choose is pretty neutral and blue. The blue color that I choose is quite sweet and pastel. Therefore with wearing nude and white accessories still kinda match the entire look.

The cardigan I got is an open button so that you can style it as outer or just button up all the buttons. The material is very comfortable and I even thought of considering another color. I really love cardigan how it keeps me warm, and this cardigan cutting and fitting is just what I want, the cutting fits me well!

It's fun and easy to actually match and style this outfit. It is a very monochromatic but cute and pretty look.

Outfit Details

Outer | Taobao
Dress | Taobao
Bag | Gracegift
Shoes | Taobao

The next outfit is another monochromatic look with only nudes and black. I have been into nudes and beige lately although the color is not really on my radar. But I really like the combination and style with everything nudes and beige.

I decide to go all nudes with the bucket hat. In another style, I'm wearing nude pair of lounge pants and a black bucket hat. I can't decide which one I prefer more, but this pair of long pants is the new loungewear pants I got from FEMME LUXE. This is a more comfy and indoor outfit that I would comfortably wear.

This pair of boots has been my favorite shoes since I bought them. I been styling and wearing this wherever I want to have a nice and swag style. I have been seeing a lot of other people wear this pair of boots and style with loungewear. This is where I got inspiration and decide to wear these military-style boots.

I'm wearing my new nude top with this pair of lounge pants. This pair of pants is very comfortable and comfy to wear. Although I don't really like the waistband design because it just makes me look shorter but wearing this pair of boots just elongates my look. Also, I'm glad this toga top is also making me look slimmer too, I really like it so much!

Let me know which outfit is your favorite! Both are my favorite but the nude outfit is not the outfit that I will always wear. But I'm definitely having fun styling the second look. As for the first look is very easy to match with the style and color. 

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Boots | Taobao
Hats |  Taobao

Till ThenBe cute or Be cool | Monochromatic Weekend Outfit

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