It's been a month since I have been to Johor and travel interstate. Here's our first BFF matching with vintage retro style. I think both of us wear and match this style perfectly. It is my first time wearing this outfit and I'm glad that it turns out nice and vintage-looking too.

It's not easy when taking photos of both of us. We use a tripod and it's hard to ignore the look of other people when we are taking photos too. But it was fun and the photos turn out nice!

Love all these photos. We use a Bluetooth controller connected to the phone and snap all the photos. With people's and cars pass by, I'm really amazed and happy with the results. Even though we are all sweaty and take the shots a lot of times.

Even though the photos here are exposed to the sunlight but I still love the photos. But I do have more photos to share that Carinn helps me to take.

I'm really loving this entire look. The top comes in knit material but it is not overly thick but still comfortable to wear. I like it is in this very special houndstooth print. I plan to wear it during the festive season but since I didn't have a chance to wear it. This becomes a good timing to wear and it fits the vintage theme too.

Keeping the entire outfit in just red and khakis ❤

This skirt is so pretty! When I first try it, the skirt cutting fits perfectly and the measurements are nice too. You can just wear it with any nice top and the whole look will look complete. Too bad my too is quite crop and can't really tuck into the skirt. I like how it just fits on my waist and pleated on the bottom. It shows the slimmest part of my body and covers the fat part of my body.

Lastly, I'm wearing Mary jane style heels to complete this look. Although it is troublesome to wear, because it has two straps, and not sure why one side of the strap keeps losing out. But the styling of the heels is very pretty and nice.

Thanks, Carinn for helping me take all the photos. It's fun to walk around the old town and take photos.

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Till Then.


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