Happy Chap Goh Meh! Can't believe Chinese New Year just pass by like that, hope every one of u has a nice and heartwarming gathering with your loved one at home. I know that this CNY is a bit different but I know that it can't stop us from celebrating CNY together. 

This CNY I did buy a lot of new bottoms and tops to wear. This top in Fuschia color is so festive and pretty! Even though CNY is about red and red, when I browse and saw this top, I immediately wanted to buy this top home. Fuschia pink is never my type of color but I really wanted to try out for this CNY!

Since this is a colorful top so I did not go overboard on the matching and accessories, but just wearing everything beige and neutral. This PU leather skirt is very comfy and nice fitting when I wear it, and it is very affordable and also comes in a very unique color. Since my black PU leather skirt was almost torn, I am also looking for a new one too. 

The whole fit is very comfy and definitely my type of style. This top although feel a bit thick and hot when wearing outdoor but I like the design of the top. It has a puffy sleeve that makes the arm feel slimmer, and also the ruffles collar makes my neck and face feel slimmer haha! It is a material that is easy to crumble too. 

I purposely tie up my hair too for this look. At first, I thought that this top is quite cool and fashionista because of its super huge puff and ruffles collar, but I want t try a different style for this look hence I decide to go for this hairstyle. I have seen this video hairstyle video from IG and also Tiktok too. Too bad my hair is not long or thick enough, overall I still feel that this hairstyle is still very nice on me ๐Ÿ˜†

Show you a close look at my outfit details.

I'm wearing a Chupa Chups x H&M bag and beret! I am in love with this collection, it comes in pretty pastel pink and white. The color is not overpowering hence I decide to wear it with my outfit. Isn't both of the accessories super cute, I feel that this design is not too childish but comes in Chupa Chups signature logo.

Hope you guys like this outfit like I do.

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Skirt | Taobao
Boots | Taobao
Bag | Chupa Chups x H&M
Hat | Chupa Chups x H&M

Till Then.


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