Congrats to TRION 2 @ KL Launch under Binastra land that is located at Sungai Besi, KL. I am no experience when come to choose a home for myself, but there's some aspect that I will choose when it comes to choosing a home for myself. Whether it is due to location, comfy, facilities, but we cannot forget about the developer that is working on a property project. TRION 2 @ KL is under one of the Most Reliable Property Developers in town, which is Binastra Land. 

About Binastra Land
Binastra Land Sdn Bhd strives to be a boutique property developer that is recognized for its innovation, further enhancing the lifestyle of its customers with superior quality products and services that go beyond expectations.

Following their motto of “quality finishings from the start”, we instill a culture of excellence by prioritizing quality in everything we do.

Consisting of Tower A (45 Storeys) and Tower B (46 Storeys) TRION 2 @ KL is designed as a low-density development. Furthermore, they have only eight units per floor and comes with four lifts in which it reduces the waiting time of the resident.

I like TRION 2 @ KL is located at a strategic location within the KL city center, all the key destinations like KLCC, TRX, Badar Malasia, and the proposed High-Speed Rail are within 5km reach. From here there is a total of five major roads and highways that can bring you around within Kl and PJ with fewer congestion roads. If you are not driving, there's also Chan Sow Lin LRT and MRT station with only 500m from TRION 2 @ KL.

TRION 2 @ KL comes in a practical layout specially crafted for your needs from 660 sq. ft - 922 sq. ft with unit prices starting from RM507,800, which makes its accessible luxury living for all with between luxurious and affordable lifestyle.

TRION 2 @ KL is a purely residential property where you enjoy some privacy and peace around the area. What much better to own a house forever, and buy a home is also can be part of an inheritance to be handed down to the next generation, TRION 2 @ KL is a freehold development. Freehold developments are higher in value and easier to sell compared to leasehold units, and this is a rare opportunity to own a freehold within this location.

First Area with spacious bedroom, a bathroom, and a small pantry area.

There are a total of 3 different unit types, which including a dual-key option for practical living spaces. When I walk into the unit, I like how they have this dual-key option where you can rent or stay in a private space for yourself, with numerous spaces for a bedroom, a toilet, and even a small pantry area for yourself. I find that with this design this home can be reconfigured for rental purposes or even suitable for small families with elderly too!

Another bigger area with consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a shared kitchen area, and a living room area.

What's more exciting is each floor is equipped with an automatic waste collection system that helps reduce costs, and also ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. Staying In TRION 2 @ KL, you do not need to worry about home safety, where they have few tiers of security, with boom gate access to the car park, access card to lift lobby, and access card within the lift. Also when there are guests and visitor comes to TRION 2 @ KL, they have secure 2 exclusive areas for residents and 1 dedicated are for just guests and visitors.

Facilities are also one of my main concerns when I want to buy a house, we need to live a balanced lifestyle. At TRION 2 @ KL, where you can learn about herbs at the Herb Garden, Play in the Game Room, try out some kickboxing at their Kickboxing Workout Corner. You can enjoy more than 30 active and passive facilities centered around personal reflection and exciting self-discovery. The Rock Climbing Wall, The Sky Pool, Jogging Track, and Glass Spaces at the gym can just elevate your fitness and lifestyle needs at TRION 2 @ KL

Not forget about the developers for TRION 2 @ KL, Binastra Land a Multi-Award-Winning Lifestyle Developer. As per their motto “quality finishings from the start”, they are a Reliable Developer which focuses on Quality Developments. Each and every one of their projects is aimed towards total customer satisfaction, as they are dedicated to building spaces that enrich the lives of the community – be it a working environment, comfortable home, or a commercial venue; and will provide a quality lifestyle for their valued customers.

Thanks for the invite and able to visit the sales gallery for TRION 2 @ KL. I really like all the 3 units that I view, from the concept to the convenience of each unit, I would say that TRION 2 @ KL definitely live up to the standard and quality that we need.  With a good track record of early completion and handover on their latest Citizen 2 and Sinaran project, TRION 2 @ KL is definitely the best property to bet on and A rare freehold development in Jalan Sungai Besi off Chan sow lin. 

Don't forget to check out Binastra E-Launching its TRION 2 @ KL on 25th March 2021. Also, plan your visit now to TRION 2 @ KL sales gallery too.

Binastra E-Launching Live here

Binastra Land

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