Ice cream and desserts bring so much joy to us! Every once a while when I'm stress or feeling down, I will always go to the fridge and grab some ice cream for myself. This time I have Mizorci ice cream with me, not only they produce and handmade their own ice-cream, but also we have mochi and puree too. When I receive these goodies and products from them, I'm really overwhelmed with all the ice cream and desserts they made!

Mizicor Matcha Premium Ice Cream

The next matcha flavor is one of my favorite flavors of ice cream when coming to the pick of my choice. I always love matcha ice cream for the longest time. This is so rich with matcha and smoothies taste when I taste it.

It feels so refreshing when I taste this Matcha Premium Ice Cream, the flavor tastes like matcha. Slight bitter and sweet taste as well, which I really enjoy a lot! It is made by permitted food color and flavoring and also contains skimmed milk powder (that is not suitable for vegan).

Mizicor Avocado Banana Ice Cream

If you feel that eating Avocado is too plain and boring. You should definitely try out their Avocado Banana flavor which has the richest banana taste with a hint of avocado, I feel like eating banana cake but in a more refreshing sensation. 

All of Mizicor Ice Cream are super-rich and smooth. I like that all of them are not overly sweet and heavy to eat, I really enjoy them while I'm watching movies or dramas. With now, I don't feel guilty while snacking on their ice cream.

Mizicor Avocado Premium Ice Cream

I never tried Avocado ice cream before and I'm not a fan of eating real fresh avocado except if it is cooked or mix with another dish. But their Avocado ice cream is so fresh and yummy to eat!

It doesn't feel weird or grassy eating their Avocado ice cream, super smooth and rich as well. It feels like eating fresh Avocado but in a more chilling and refreshing way. Both Avocado and Avocado Banana Ice Cream do not contain any additional food coloring and flavoring.

Mizicor Salted Caramel Gula Melaka Ice Cream

We cannot miss out on our own Malaysian flavor. This special flavor made with salted caramel gula Melaka which gives some hint of sweetness to the ice cream when you taste it. 

They are made with the freshest and organic ingredients. It is made by permitted food color and flavoring and also contains skimmed milk powder (that is not suitable for vegan).

Mizicor Durian Mochi

Moving on to their Moochi desserts!! They have some special flavors which including durian flavor, which is my favorite fruit of all time. In case, you are craving some durian desserts, you definitely can try out Mizicor Durian Mochi.

With just one small bite of the Durian Mochi, the Durian scent will just overflow in your mouth. It really has the durian flesh inside the Mochi it is so addicting and yummy to eat! Even the mochi is super q and bouncy to eat ๐Ÿ˜

Mizicor Dark Chocolate Mochi

If you are not a durian lover, you can also try out their dark chocolate mochi which is not too sweet but rich in chocolate flavor.

Their mochi is super bouncy but the inside filling is so rich with dark chocolate. 

Mizicor Calamansi Puree

Mizicor preserves the natural citrus aroma and color of the Calamansi fruit, distinctive flavor, and aroma that will surely amaze you. The fruit is rich in Antioxidants, Very High in Vitamin C, which is essential and beneficial in the human body

The calamansi puree is prepared carefully in order to enhance the citrus skin aroma. Mizicor also maintains the green extract from the skin which provides the natural color of the puree. 

Calamansi puree can be utilized to make many types of recipes, such as mix with Yogurt, beverages, desserts, hot food dishes, and also act as salad dressing and dipping sauces after blending with some chili

All of Mizicor desserts do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It is perfect for dessert time with family.

Check out the link below if you are interested to buy and try out Mizicor desserts!

Also, they come in great bundles where you buy too.

Disclaimer: Even though the product is sent for review purposes. However, it does not affect my own opinion.

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