With FMCO now in Malaysia can no longer go out freely for OOTD shooting. Staying home can be quite boring and with so many new clothes and product to shoot, is really quite troublesome. But I already the sunset lightning from Taobao and hopefully it reaches soon and I can play with it at home.

I purposely makeup and wear my new clothes for this shoot! But I can only go to my condo swimming pool and can't believe the shots turn out quite good, and I decide to share them in my blog as well.

I like the color combination of the look! From Green, White,  Khakis, and Blue pastel colors. I am quite bored with what color that I should match, hence I decide to just wear a white inner bra and this pair of white short pants to complete this look. This pair of blue heels also quite nice and comfy to wear, it has very low heels and easy to walk around with.

I have recently like all kinds of green color outfits a lot. My next target is to purchase green bottoms, like long pants and skirts. This outer I wear for this look, I purchase two colors, one is white and this in green. This color is also quite sweet and young, is it more to pastel green but not too muted which I really like. The material is not too thick and really comfy to wear. 

I wear quite a lot of accessories for this look is because the outfit is quite plain and chill. I use one of my favorite metal gold hair claws to clip my hair up to create chill looking hairstyle, one pair of my favorite gold hoop earring, sunglasses, and this cute Duffy sling bag that I bought during my trip to Japan7 or 8 years ago! Since I have more time at home and going out, hence I got more time to really pick accessories to wear for this outfit.

I really like my hairstyle for this look, but I definitely can style it better haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ But couldn't now since I have shorter hair now. I never thought I can take such nice photos with this hairstyle, I never really shoot any ootd with this hairstyle before.

 When my hair longer I will tie my hair like this again and take OOTD. Hope you like this look and the shoots ๐Ÿ˜

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Bottom | Forget*
Heels | That Lady Closet

Till Then.


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