Back to my favorite skincare post again ๐Ÿ’“ Today post I will intro this new skincare brand that I have been trying recently. I have been into ampoules lately, I like it is small and effective to use on skin. After trying and testing out these Hydra and Glow Ampoules from [ comfort zone ], I can really feel my skin is drenched with hydration and feel very moisturizing.

All of their ampoules were developed by them via research and development laboratories, innovative concentrates solutions inspired by dermatological fillers, ideal as a "restorative" shock treatment. All products have been tested and visible results from the first application and after 7 days.

HYDRAMEMORY Hydra and Glow Ampoules

This ampoule is an intensive cosmetic treatment with an illuminating complex (Niacinamide and NAG) and Polyglutamic Acid (PGA) with hydrating action for a healthier-looking complexion and softer, smoother skin. With a 7 x 2ml of one set of ampoules, it is the perfect weekly set treatment that you need to restore your complexion in just 7 days. Suitable for dry skin type.

Ingredients Formula
That helps multitasking vitamin B3 to contrast TEWL, increase collagen synthesis, inhibit melanin production.

Works in combination with niacinamide for brightening and even complexion.

It mimics the action of hyaluronic acid with a barrier effect to reduce skin dehydration and improve hydration.

 94,5% natural origin ingredients
Fragrance-free. Clean formula. Short INCI (only 9 ingredients).


I really love the texture. It is very watery but it does feel a bit of tackiness after you apply it to your face. But it doesn't really bother me, because I like the moisturizing feeling after applying it to my face. After it fully absorbs to face, you will feel your skin soft and smoother. 


1. Cleanse your skin. 
2.Use the special vial breaker and open the vial with a firm movement, breaking at level with the indicated mark. 
3. Position the drop dispenser on the neck of the open vial and dispense about half of the contents into the palm of your hand. (Open carefully)
4. Dab the product on your face, neck, and chest until fully absorbed. 
5. Then apply your regular serum and cream. 

*Repeat this application in the morning and evening. It should be included in the normal beauty routine immediately after cleansing.*

This set is just nice for weekly usage, and with just after 7 days you can feel your skin regain its moisture balance and a healthier, more radiant complexion. You can use it during the day and night per ampoule.

With its gentle and clean formula, my skin does not feel irritates or redness using this ampoule. With my dry cheeks, after the first use of this ampoule, I can feel my cheeks feels so plump and soft after use. With consecutive use in 7 days, my skin complexion has improved so much, smooth and brighter skin.

You can get  [ comfort zone ] Hydramemory Hydra &Glow Ampoules priced at RM238. Now they are running a promotion, for every purchase of Hydramemory Hydra &Glow Ampoules at RM208 you'll receive FREE Hydramemory Serum (8ml) worth RM108.

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