Try to blog something different here in my blog! I think I have been planning to this segment on and off in my blog but I just stop it after the first update on the Taobao blogshop I shop at hahaha! Today will want to intro this blogshop I have been browsing on. I still remember Novela first started I always wait for their new arrivals on Facebook, and I even follow their owner and feel that the owner is so pretty. I have even been to their store in Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca like every time if I go Malacca. I feel that Novela shop has been on-going for so long as I remember. Seeing them change style and rebranding, I still love them as a Fashion blogshop and I will always think of them if I want to shop for the local boutique shop.

Let's just go through some of the picks that I choose from Novela. In this blog, I will pick 2 items from different product categories. I only pick those that are ready stock or pre-order.

For this dress, I'm really in love with the cutting and color of this dress. It is so sweet and gentle style that I love so much! Dress is such a comfy and easy outfit to wear when you are planning for a date outfit. This Anatasia Dolly Shirt Dress in Cream is the perfect outfit for a Korean Date look with your 男神. You don't look overly feminine style but still, have the soft gentle girl look. I really love this dress and how the cream is so nice for this dress!

The second dress, it is a much more mature look with sleeveless and midi cutting. I think that with the hot weather in Malaysia, a linen material dress is very comfortable to wear. It comes in functional buttons and 2 side pockets. Although I am unsure on whether is it transparent or not, just make sure you stick with light color inner-wear whenever you wearing a white outfit. I like how casual the whole cutting for this dress, with a self-tie around your waist.

Moving on to their top, when I first saw this top it is so classy!! I like the ruched around the breast area, if you have smaller boobs wearing this will enhance it which I think is quite sexy lol! Besides the ruched area, the below breast area is made with stretchable material which just fits and hugs your body nicely. 

I like also they have elastic on the shoulder area, which means u can wear it off the shoulder or just normally too! Overall I feel that this top is so versatile, wear it day time to work then if you to have a sexy fun night out with your friends you can wear it off-shoulder, so convenient!

On the next top, I choose a more simple black and white tee which gives the vibes of the channel-type top with the black lining and the gold button on the shirt pocket! I feel that if you are not that hype on channel-type tops, this top style is giving the right amount of vibes you need. It can be a very nice formal top too if you wear it to a meeting.

I also picked some nice casual tops from Novela that you can also wear at home or head out to! I am really attracted to the casual loose oversize shirts. Since I am an M-L Size fit, a loose oversize top is my first choice to choose whenever I shop for a top. Not forget that staying home fit has to be very comfortable and lose fit too! I really like the color of this knit shirt too, super gentle and soft looking.

The last top I pick is this super cute and minimalistic stripe top. It comes in 3 colors, but the 2 colors that I really love are this blush pink and baby blue top. Both of this color is super sweet and especially blush pink color will make your skin tone looks so sweet. This baby blue color is very refreshing and cute!! You can also style the shawl separately, you can wear a normal stripe top or pair it with the shawl top. Both styles are very nice and unnie style as well! 

I have been online shopping for the last 6-7 years. With reaching the age of 30 now, I feel that comfy and basic style is much more suitable to me. I love the entire concept and style of Novela, a simple and minimalistic style that is very comfortable.

I can't believe that half of 2021 gone and it's also the time of the year where Mid Year Sales start too! Don't forget to browse their site to check out those items that are having sales. Also, you can use my code 'SNOWMAN' to get an extra % off on your total order.


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Novela basically means ‘Romance’. In April of 2012, Novela an online fashion boutique was founded.
At Novela, they believe customers are always looking for better and best online shopping sites.
They seek to provide a place that you shop in a trustworthy and comfortable environment.

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