Finally, I want to start my first post for my Langkawi trip! It is a struggle for me to how to start the post and thinking of a creative way to plan my post. But lastly I go for the most traditional way, I will share my outfit and some of the famous tourist places I went to in Langkawi. One of the reasons I separate to this is also that I took way many photos throughout the trip putting in one post it will be very lengthy. So my husband suggested separating the post and here's the first post of my Langkawi trip! ๐Ÿ’“

For our day 2 first place that we went is actually to Wildlife Park, but the main purpose of visiting that place is because of Otter. My husband is a super huge fan of Otter and after he saw someone hug and hold otter at Langkawi, he has been wanting to go to Langkawi for the longest time during this MCO. I will share more details on my 5d4n trips blog post. 

I took a lot of OOTD posts mainly at Dataran Lang, Langkawi's Famous Iconic Place. Since this is our first time at Langkawi, definitely a must-go place when we are here at Langkawi!

I am wearing a simple white and blue outfit here. Coincidently matches with this place and the sea haha! The reason I pick a skirt is also I like how skirt or dress flows with the sea wind and creates beautiful flow and dimension. When you are here, not only you can take photos with the eagle but also with the scenery around the eagle.


Some of my favorite photos here! I feel that I am really lucky throughout the trip. We have really nice weather during our trip, although the weather is super sunny here just make sure you apply sunscreen every day. Bring hats and glasses every day to stay protected under the sun.

I'm wearing blue and white for my entire look. Including a jeans bucket hat, cloudy earnings, and white sandal, everything is very matchy and I really like all the matching together. This is the only day I tie my hair as well, and omg I really like it. Although it looks weird without wearing the bucket hat, once I'm wearing the hat, I like how the two ponytails from the side look like! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Tourist photo with the famous Eagle at Dataran Lang. Actually, the whole place is so pretty, and not many people here take photos also haha! I think mainly around here nothing much to see except for this eagle, everyone just come and took photos and left. There's also a small mall and jetty nearby, but since we are here around 2-3pm, they say the jetty is only crowded during the daytime.

That's all for my first OOTD post with Dataran Lang. Hope you like this post, I will be blogging my next OOTD post with Langkawi's famous sunset cruise.

Outfit Details
Top and Bottom | Dear19
Bucket Hats | H&M x LEE
Earrings | Taobao
Shoes | Taobao

Dataran Lang
Persiaran Putera Kuah, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

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