On day 3 of my Langkawi Trip, we went to SkyCab which is a 5-10 minutes drive from our hotel. Once we find parking, we need to walk around 10 minutes to the ticket counter to redeem our cable car ticket. We bought one day earlier for the cable car ticket and after redeeming the ticket, we start our cable car journey to the mountain. 

On the Gondola itself, you can choose which you feel comfortable with. I feel that it is not necessary to choose anything too fancy or those which can spin 360 degrees. πŸ‘€ We chose the glass bottom gondola car, it is still quite fun where you can view it below you. But all you can see are just forest trees beneath you. The gondola itself also does not come in airconditioned which can be quite warm but the outside air is windy when blowing into the gondola.

Another concern of mine is also, I also have Acrophobia which I am really afraid of height. So going through this SkyCab and visiting the SkyBridge are definitely challenging for me. πŸ˜… But seeing all the photos I took, definitely worth it. The ticket we bought included all the passes throughout the experience.

At the midpoint of the journey to the Sky Bridge, since we are first time here so we might as well stop and visit at every stop we can. The view from the top definitely looks so much nicer.

At the midpoint area, not much to see but just a quick browse on the view, and this one you can take photos with the whole cable car at the back. Since I'm afraid of height, I don't really dare go to the end of the corner where it is just sea and blue skies.

At the highest top point, literally, the view is way so amazing than the midpoint. Both point just looks the same overall just one view is nearer, another one look more further.

The day is very sunny hence I can't really take any OOTD photos without the sunglasses. During our visit here is also near 12pm where the sun is literally on top of our heads. I don't really recommend wearing a dress but I just wanted to have those flowy effects when taking photos up here. Since is a short dress, do remember to apply as much sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun.

The other side of the view with just forest trees.

This is a really pretty black blue dress, it comes in black background and comes in small dainty flowers print. I rarely wear any of this kind of tone and pattern dress before. When I first try on, I was really surprised with the details of the dress and how it fits so nicely on me 😍

When you are at the top point, there's this small corner of the resting place with ice cream and water. Not to joke, the view is like OMG and there are quite many people waiting for turns to take photos here as well.

Basically, I feel when I'm at the top here, the view all I see is literally like a painting. With the sea, blue skies, and the trees, I still feel so amazed by the view here.

I'm wearing simple white sandals and rattan earrings. Basically a quite chill and relaxed style, but the sandal I wore is quite big. While we are here, I keep telling my husband what if my sandal just drops down from here. πŸ˜€

Basically here is the sky bridge that we are finally here, like omg I'm really afraid of going near the side. There are quite a lot of people in this bridge also, we didn't actually walk finish because thinking the view is basically the same for the whole place haha! 

We stay here for quite a long because of the crowds and also of the lift spoilt going down to the sky bridge, we need to walk through the manual walkway where you have to climb down and climb up for around 15 minutes. It is so tough for someone like us, who hasn't been exercised for so long. My outfit is also definitely is not suitable for this kind of activity also.

Ended this post with our couple photos taken by one of the two BFFs. We have been meeting them around the whole day including on our day 4 trip. We are also staying same Berjaya Langkawi Resort too haha!

Outfit Details
Dress | Taobao
Sandal | Taobao
Sunglasses | Taobao

Sky Cab
07000 Kedah, Langkawi

Till Then.

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