Finally, I am back to my blog after a long hectic week of back pain and backache. I'm not fully recovered yet even though I have to go see the doctor for body settings and also do a full body massage. Can't really seems to find out the issue for my muscle keeps straining the whole day every day zzz. Now what I can do is to just rest as much as I can and forget about my straining muscles. Back to this post where I shoot this before CNY and now CNY has passed and now only I want to share this outfit on my blog.

I would say that this is by far my favorite CNY outfit for this year 2022. When I first saw this outfit from this local blog shop, I immediately made up my mind to want to get this red cheongsam. I do shop a lot of new CNY for this CNY. But I realize that I do not have any red outfits to wear and this has become my one and only red outfit for this CNY and I'm really loving this fit!

This outfit was shot at Pavilion Bukit Jalil which is our first time since the mall opened. But well the mall is still pretty much empty with less option of food and shops to shop.

For my accessories and hair of the day, I am wearing hair accessories and earrings that I have bought just to wear with this outfit. This pair of earrings is a mandarin word "发财" which means prosperity. It is a very simple earring with rhinestone all over it. The ribbon that I wear with this outfit is I purposely bought to match with this outfit. Although the outfit looks very feminine and sexy, this cute hair ribbon that I wear with this outfit somehow tones down the sexiness but also gives this outfit a little bit of cuteness.

I really love this merry-go-round that has been here since their Christmas mall decor. They just reuse it back but redecorate it to a more CNY festive feel.

Taken too many photos here with the merry-go-round. With me gaining weight recently this dress that I wear is L size and the fitting fits me just well. The breast area can be quite loose but the waist area with its crumple design details can help cover some of my fat bellies. Overall the fitting and the design of this dress is very appealing and I really like it!

This flower bridge area is actually quite nice to take photos of but also because the lightning looks quite awful hence we didn't take many photos here. Because also the other end of the entrance is blocked due to the performance being ongoing but actually, I saw a lot of photos of people taking from another entrance which looks much better without this awful lightning. But somehow I still love it, it gives this cool aura and I kinda nail it 😆

Loving this flower wall for the perfect CNY photoshoot! This dress actually wan be worn in a lot of different ways because it comes in two ways wearing it. The outer and the dress inside can wear separately depends how you match it. I find this idea of a cheongsam is very creative and fun. This is also one of the reasons I decided wanted to purchase this cheongsam.

The bag and the shoes that I match with this outfit, it is quite neutral and plain. Since I'm wearing full-on red that day, I did not wear any appealing accessories but focused on this pretty cheongsam that I wear that day.

End my post with this selfie of me and my husband, the only personal photographer that I need. Hope you guys like this outfit as much as I do. 

Outfit Details
Dress |
Bag | Bonia
Heels | Taobao

Till Then. 


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