I really love these two outfits that I get from FEMME LUXE. Even if you ask me will I ever try this kind of outfit I would clearly say no but I am really glad that I am still able to try different styles of clothes from FEMME LUXE

Finally gonna blog about this really amazing fit women dress from FEMME LUXE. I don’t usually wear this kind of fit and Bodycon Dress but all the dress that I get from FEMME LUXE is so nice and sexy on me. Hope to share more photos of me wearing this gorgeous blue woman going-out dress

I rarely wear this kind of blue color outfit and this color is super gorgeous because the color makes me look much fairer too. I don't usually go for a blue color outfit mainly is because my armpit will get sweaty easily and it doesn't look good if my top also gets sweaty especially the armpit area. So hence I rarely wear any color top that can get me to feel uncomfortable and awkward.

This going-out dress actually comes in sleeveless details but I wearing a leather jacket to cover my flabby arms. It also gives warms and doesn't expose a lot of my skin because this dress is too sexy and I don't really dare to wear it as it is. But seriously if you are someone who is okay to expose and wear a sexy outfit, can really consider getting this dress from FEMME LUXE because it is really so pretty!

Back to my seat and I asked my husband to take a few more photos of me enjoying the coffee in this outfit. You'll notice there's a U line on the breast area which I find it quite shy to show off, but I think this is a really nice sexy piece of going-out dress for a date night.

My next outfit is this really bright and colorful woman's going-out top that can be worn as a dress or top. But I prefer to wear an oversize top because I find this style is more comfortable and suits me more. Hence I also wear my favorite biker jeans to match this top.

I'm wearing my favorite combat boots for the same two outfits I wear in this post. It’s been a while since I’m wearing this pair of boots and I’m really glad that it does not feel weird with two different outfits that I tried out today.

The color of this top is very fun and young. I really like the color that looks like dip dye colors that come in a lot of colors. The quality of this going-out top is very comfy, but if you need to wear a long day out and sweat in it you might feel uncomfortable with it.

The “Gun and Roses” print on the top is one of my favorite prints on a tee, I even have one same top with the same print! So you can definitely see how much I like the “Gun and Roses” printed top. Now you can get one of the same print going-out tops from FEMME LUXE.

 Hope you like both of the outfits I tried out from FEMME LUXE. Do check out their website and hope you find all the outfits that you like. 

Till Then.


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