As I'm getting older now, with a lot of commitment in life, I am always busy with work, friends, and family. At a point, I feel that my body's immune is getting weak, and fall sick easily when caught rain and viruses. I don't have enough time for myself and my body as well. During this time period, we need to intake effective supplements that can help us stay healthy and energetic all the time to overcome our busy lifestyles.

When I first stumbled on Wright Life NMN15000, it was really like a lifesaver for me to deal with all the busy lifestyle I have. When doing research about the product of this Wright Life NMN15000, I knew that this is the supplement that I am looking for. Why do I say? Online research says because it consists of NMN molecules that form an NAD+ molecule, it helps humans repair damaged DNA and delay aging for our overall body.

Wrightlife is a well-known Hong Kong supplement brand, and the product is recommended by an actress in the show. Charlene Choi from Hong Kong Twins girls group is their ambassador. If you watch the 乘风破浪姐姐 you will know that Twins has joined the latest season and managed to join in the final 10 winners as well. 

Not only that Wright Life NMN 15000 currently is the highest purity molecule in the market, which makes it tempting for me to try this health supplement. NMN is also proven to be effective in anti-aging recognition by Harvard University, Keio University, and the University of Washington. Wright Life NMN 15000 has also received a lot of recognition from the medical scientific community. It gives me more confidence to buy and try this supplement out myself.

Package with NMN 15000 60 Capsules and Soy Infoflavones 100 Capsules Price RM1386

I also manage to get this product at a very affordable package price with other Wright Life health supplements as well.

If you asked what other supplements I would want to get, I will always go for women's health supplements. Because as a woman, we always suffer from periods and the ovary is the biggest organ of our body, which we need to take care of it as well. Definitely will recommend this package together, If you are a busy working mum and need to juggle work and family.

CLICK!! Wright Life NMN15000 60 capsules/bottle

 Wright Life NMN15000 is made with NMN, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon dioxide, and Magnesium stearate. It helps to repair DNA, anti-aging, rejuvenate body functions, improve sleep, and care for the liver.

What is NMN

NMN also known as B-nicotinamide mononucleotide, is the precursor of the NAD+ that plays the role of a cofactor for the longevity protein (Sirtuins) in the human body. The five main functions of NMN are improved physical functions, Increase NAD+ DNA protection, Delay aging, and Longevity.

How NAD+ forms?

When NMN is absorbed by the cells, NAD+ will be formed. The NAD+ molecule is relatively large, and direct supplementation is difficult to penetrate through the cell membrane and enter the cell, but NMN molecules can easily pass through the cell membrane and enter the cell. Two NMN molecules will combine together to form an NAD+ molecule. After NAD+ enters cells, it helps humans repair damaged DNA and delay aging. 

NAD + is an essential raw material for repairing the cellular system, as well as a key communication factor between the nucleus and the mitochondria which are responsible for energy synthesis. The 3 main functions of NAD+ are repairing the damage to cells and DNA. It promotes health and longevity and helps prevent skin and body from aging faster.

Product Usage: 2 capsules, once daily
Edible Tips: Take with a meal or 30 minutes after a meal

CLICK!! Wright Life Soy Isoflavones 100 capsules/bottle

Wright Life Soy Isoflavones is made from highly concentrated soy isoflavones (non-GMO), grape seed extract, and natural vitamin E. Overall it improves ovarian function and any discomfort during menstruation. Especially good for women who had menopause, it can also help relieve menopause discomfort, and improves any hormonal dysfunction.

Why Non-GMO soy?

Non-GMO soybean is using the natural way of gene selection through competition in the natural environment. It is extracted from raw soybeans with multiple complex purification processes to ensure that the complete natural soybean nutrition is effectively utilized.
* No adverse side effects, suitable for long-term usage! *

Do you know that our ovary is very important for women because women would experience 10 years older for every 1-year ovary age!! With Wright Life Soy Isoflavones helps women from all years stages, from irregular menstrual cycles to menopause syndrome with a hot temper as well.

Product Usage: Take orally, 2 soft gels once daily.
Edible Tips: Take with a meal or 30 minutes after a meal

I would take these two supplements usually 30 mins after dinner. I have been taking this two for the last 2-3 weeks. I can see how my body feels more energetic and able to go through a busy lifestyle throughout the day. Even my skin feels smoother and better because my skin usually looks worst after a few nights of staying up late, but I can still notice my skin looks good with makeup. 

Check out my video on how I manage to balance my lifestyle with Wright Life products.

You can purchase Wright Life NMN products from other e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, and/or Shopee. But for now, if you are aiming for NMN15000, only Topzmall now is selling online at the moment.

I bet you guys will be also curious about what the differences are between NMN10000 and NMN15000 (β-nicotinamide mononucleotide results). For NMN10000 - Every capsule of NMN contains≥250mg, NMN15000 - Purity: 99.89%. In Conclusion, NMN15000 has a complete production system, and each step is strictly monitored and implemented by adhering to the highest quality control standards and requirements.

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