Finally wanted to blog about some of my favorite summer pieces from DAZY Fashion @ All of the outfits I picked from DAZY Fashion are very cozy and breezy which I think is very suitable for summer. I can't wait to share the outfits that I bought from them!

I wanted to rant a little about the recent life that I have been feeling quite uninspired hence there's some lack of update on my social media. But at the same time, I have a lot of social media posts that I need to blog and post. Now I'm trying to get back on track, and hopefully, I can get my emotion sorted out.

The first summer outfit that I really like and picked from DAZY Fashion is this really pretty bright green dress. When I first saw this dress on I fall in love with it! It has small white color floral prints printed on the green dress. It doesn't look too mature or weird on the dress itself, from afar it does look like small unequal dot prints on the dress.

This is my first time browsing DAZY Fashion from the SHEIN website. Usually when I first-time online shopping on a new platform, I always worried about the sizing of the outfit that I would get. This is because since I'm in my 30s now, my body size changes a lot. I only wear those outfits that I feel comfortable and confident wearing.

To my surprise, this dress from DAZY fashion definitely become my favorite dresses to wear. It has a really nice fitting on my waist, doesn't show my fat belly and the flowy design of the dress also helps cover the bottom part where I feel not confident to show. The neckline is a V-neck, but it doesn't expose too much of my breast area as well.

Overall I really like this dress a lot! It is definitely one of the worth purchasing, I have also purchased another dress from DAZY Fashion which is a totally different style than this dress. Both of the dresses are so nice and comfy to style.

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The next two pieces that I want to talk about are this T-shirt and Short jeans from DAZY Fashion! I have been saying that this is my first time buying clothing from DAZY Fashion, and I can't believe these short jeans fit me so nicely. I always have an unproportioned bottom body part, with a big fat belly but my buttock area is normal. So every time the whenever I need to purchase any shorts or bottoms, I always struggle with the measurement. I am really happy that this short jeans measurement is considered quite accurate with size L, my waist is always within 72-73 cm.

I like all the accessories that I wear to complete this outfit. The New Era x BTS bucket hat, MLB shoulder bag, and the IOIO x Rose scarf!! I don't usually spend time matching all the accessories when I head out. For this simple T-shirt and Short Jeans look, I decided to go all out with a lot of blueish accessories to spice out the look.

I wanted to say that I also really like this T-shirt which is simple and minimal. Besides that, the color that I choose and see online is the exact blue tone that I receive in real life. I really like this shade of blue, which is more greyish blue that looks soft and gentle color.

Lastly, I hope you guys like all the summer outfit pieces that I bought from DAZY Fashion I am really happy and proud of all the items that I choose and purchased. 

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Till Then.

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