Who doesn't like and enjoy a shower after returning home from a tiring day? Today I want to blog about Parrot Botanicals Shower Care products that will make your shower more enjoyable and smell good. I enjoy a good shower that makes my body smooth and smells good. All these products from Parrot Botanicals are my new favorite shower products.

Parrot Botanicals Shower Care products consist of Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap and Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream. It covers quite a huge range of users who love using bar soap and shower cream. Their products are perfect for a big family, grandparents who use bar soap, and youngsters who use shower cream.

Love their Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream that consists of different signature natural flower scents. If you are a flower lover, you will definitely fall in love with this series and you will find a scent that you prefer.

One of my favorite scents is Thai Botanical & Herbs which is Parrot’s Signature scent exquisitely combined rare Thai botanicals. It has a mixture of botanicals scent that doesn't smell too over but also leave my skin fresh and scented and last long.

White Thanaka - Pastel

Besides their Classic Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream, they have come out with Pastel Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream which are White Sakura, Lily Peach Cool, and White Thanaka.

This White Thanaka refreshes and softens your skin for smooth radiance and long-lasting
fragrance. Thanaka is used as a beauty aid. It's said to soften the skin, prevent wrinkles and sunburn, and keep mosquitoes away.

White Sakura - Pastel

I can't wait to try out this other Pastel series which has a refreshing fragrance with White Sakura infused with nourishing properties for brighter natural pinkish and long-lasting fragranced skin. Sakura is one of my favorite flowers, hence I just love anything with a sakura scent.

Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap has the No.1 Authentic Thai Botanicals freshness. Each is created with a unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Traditional Herb Oil. It just leaves the skin smooth and moist after a shower. Not only that, but your skin also feels fresh and clean with long-lasting freshness.

From Left to Right
White Tanaka, Thai Botanical & Herbs, Floral, Thai White Jasmine, and White Sakura

They also come in a Classic version that is suitable for Males and Females that are 35 years old and above. It covers all their basic needs for bar soap. The classic version - Sweet Pink Roses, Thai Botanical & Herbs (Best Sellers), Thai White Jasmine, FLoral, Scented Wood, and Frangipani.

The Pastel version is suitable for the majority of females that is aged 20 - 35 years old that enjoy the beauty and flowery scents. The pastel version - White Sakura, Lily Peach (Best Seller), and Thanaka.

Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap Floral - Classic

Each bar soap is printed with Parrot Botanicals trademark print, and in the perfect size as a hand soap. Since each bar soap comes with its unique Thai Botanical Fragrance, it smells amazing after using this in the shower. 

I really really love this whole series of Parrot Botanicals Shower Care Products. I still remember when I receive the parcel. I can even smell the scent of their shower products which smells so good! The scent can last at least 8 hours which is amazing. I am those who really enjoy any nice scent after a shower and this Parrot Botanicals Shower Care product has become my favorite shower product. Both their shower cream and bar soap don't make my skin dry but moisture and smooth throughout the day too.

Parrot Botanicals is also the pride of Thais because they have won a Premium product of Thailand Award in the Beauty and Personal Care Category, given by the ministry of industry.

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