OMG guys this is my ever-longest pending post, I think work has been crazy and eaten up my free time at night. Even on weekends nowadays also I just want to rest at home and do basically nothing. But since Christmas is now near, I need to rush out a lot of my pending posts before the year-end. So here's my post about my one-day tourist date with my twins when I visited Singapore in May. It is also my first ever work traveling after the pandemic too. Kinda exciting when we are able to travel again like this.

 Our first destination when I first arrive is we visited CHIJMES which is just across from my hotel which is like a bonus trip to me. But basically where I stay is quite near to all the famous tourist places in Singapore. But this CHIJMES is quite new and it become famous with all the bars and people will like to visit here for drinks at night.

In CHIJMES, the building there is painted with all-full white which looks really minimal, and there's also an old English-looking church. A lot of people actually come here to take photos of the design of the old building here. 

Too bad the weather that day is quite gloomy, but we still manage to capture photos together before the rain starts pouring. Our itinerary changed as well because my flight was delayed from 8:30am until 11:00am which is quite tiring and wastes a lot of time waiting in the airport.

I really love the old church building design in my background. It looks really vintage and is nice to take photos with as well. Can you guess what our outfit theme is that day?

Must take a photo with this vintage lamp post, this corner is also where everyone comes here to take a photo.

Our selfie together. I really sweat a lot that time, I think one of the disadvantages of the fringe is also that when I start to sweat the fringe will look very ugly because is all wet and crumpled together.

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Here's another more obvious angle with the cross of the church shown in the background.

30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996

Our next stop is Marina Bay Link mall, this is also because of the rain we decide to go indoors next. We visited the biggest Machines store in Singapore (I guess) and realize that this place is really nice to take photos with.

Our outfit theme is orange color, but with this very funky pattern that looks like δΊ”θŠ±θ‚‰ meaning frozen meat. I didn't think much at first but it does look like the pattern of frozen meat πŸ˜‚ I guess this is how this pattern looks really interesting and fun!

This is the spot where we found out at this Machine store that is so fun to take any ootd photo at. This whole machine store is surrounded by just round glass windows which you can have a really good view of the scenery around it. Somehow we find an empty nice area to shoot this photo with Marina Bay as the background. Seriously I also have quite a phobia of just glass surrounding me as if the window will break and I will fall down 😩

Not the perfect full view of Marina Bay, but we definitely like this corner a lot!!

The longest escalator in the Machines store.

Random selfies I took in the Machine store.

Our next stop is at this Hermes pop-up store just outside the Marina Bay Sands mall. But we are not able to visit it early because my flight was delayed and it rains non-stop until we thought that they will not open back the booth. But luckily it does after the rain stop.

We manage to get a bottle of free juice and their magazine too! When they start to hand out the magazine, everyone is queuing for it and the long queue at that time I thought that I will never be able to get it πŸ˜€

Must take some ootd photos since we are here! I think our outfit inspiration is from Hermes orange color, I don't usually wear any bright colors but I think I am influenced by my twins here who she bought and try out a lot of bright colors recently. I think I also grow to start with bright colors now. 

I hope you guys like this short one-day tourist trip to Singapore with my twins. After this, we went to Clarke Quay for dinner and went back to rest.

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Pants | Brands Outlet
Shoes | Nike Dunk Low

Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Blvd, Singapore 018984

Till Then.

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