OMG, seriously I have been delaying my Langkawi post for the longest. As usual, I will blog about my outfit before I start my itinerary post🀭 With 2023 coming, I haven’t even started any of my Langkawi posts. Next Chinese New Year is coming and I will be really active in posting my CNY outfit posting too.

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Today's outfit post is about one of my favorite outfits that I wore in Langkawi. The reason my favorite is also because of my favorite color too. πŸ’œ The color of the dress is in this sweet purple-pink color. It’s in purple color but there’s a hint of a pink tone.

Not sure if you notice that I literally ζ’žθ‰² with their tablecloth also. In a sense that I’m wearing the same color as the table cloth hahaha. Everything becomes the same purple tone πŸ˜‚

I can’t decide on the filter that I want to use for this look. This is also because the weather that day is kinda gloomy but there’s no rain, fortunately. 

This dress is kinda long on me when I first try out this dress I did think of if the dress can be shorter and the stripe on top can be shorter. But in the end, I didn’t go for a tailor and just wear it as it is. Even though is long but it still not stopping me from liking this dress. I wear a heel with this look. The back design of the dress is quite exposed that I only wear a nipple cover for this dress. Now I realized that my dress stripe is quite long even after tying it up. 🀭

My diamond bling heels and COS bag are also in purple tone color. Although everything is in different shades of purple, everything matches perfectly with each other.

See what I mean that I’m matching with the table cloth πŸ˜‚ My belly looks more obvious when I sit down 😝 but I did try my best to cover up using my bag when I’m posing. I suppose to wear body shapewear but the shapewear I bring is too long that it will be quite obvious 

A closer look at my makeup looks that day. Basically didn't have very heavy makeup that day because this dinner arrangement is quite last minute and I just put on concealer to cover my blemishes and dark eye circle only. I didn't wear any contact lenses also since we only have night activities that day. I bring my purple accessories to match this dress, this big-ass purple ribbon, and this cute dainty purple necklace. Although I didn't think that the necklace match this dress but I still find it quite match this whole look.

I forget to bring my tripod out that night so we just try to find anything that can hold my phone. We took some nice photos of ourselves together.

Lastly, when the sky turns dark we also ask the waiter to help us take photos of us with the scenery. We have a really nice dinner date at the seaside. Thanks, Rebak Island Resort for the arrangement. I also love my dress outfit that day, which I have the chance to wear out for this lovely dinner date.

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Outfit Details
Dress | Taobao
Ribbon | Taobao
Bag | COS store
Heels | Taobao

Rebak Island Resort & Marina, Langkawi
Pulau Rebak Besar Peti Surat 125, 
Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Till Then.


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