On the 7th of December, Unique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Spain’s no.1 skincare brand SKEYNDOR in Malaysia introduced the brand exclusively to media and guests today. SKEYNDOR which has a history of 56 years is present in more than 55 countries and is ranked within the top 15 professional cosmetic brands worldwide. 

At the event, media, guests, salon owners, and beauty influencers were treated to a kaleidoscopic showcase of skincare insights including techniques on face yoga, exciting game activities, scrumptious fine dining, and exclusive SKEYNDOR product sets. 

Station 1 - where the guest can do some skin analysis to understand more about your skin and what concerns you need to take note of. Based on the results of the skin analysis, you are able to understand how to help to overcome your skin concerns.

Station 2 - I think that scent is also an important key when we use our skincare daily. Since skincare is crucial for daily use, we will prefer our skincare to smell relaxed and pleasing.

Station 3 - Where we listen to relaxing spa music and enjoy some relaxing hand massage from the team.


Station 4 - We continue to explore another part of our sensory for skin care. Every skincare texture is so different that we manage to try out 3 different types of skincare in this station.

Lovely SKEYNDOR angels for us to take photos with them.

After we finish experiencing each of the interaction stations from SKEYNDOR, we are led to our own seats for the event launching to start.

During the event launch, we also get to see and understand more about SKEYNDOR products. They also showcase all of their SKEYNDOR products in the event launch. All SKEYNDOR products can be purchased online at https://skeyndor.com.my or through its authorized beauty salons.

On this event launch, Unique Aesthetics is proud to roll out its innovative Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care - a day and night treatment with a lifting effect and firming action to be carried out at home for 15 consecutive days. The home care set aims to address those imperfections that arise in the neck, double chin, and neckline areas, conveniently and effectively in the comfort of one’s home. Hence, improving firmness, and elasticity and reducing neck wrinkles are key to these problem areas with the new range. 

At the launch event, Ms. Margaret Beales, an international beauty specialist from Spain with over 35 years of beauty and skincare experience, shared insights and tips on the Asian beauty culture and skin health trends. “Our cells will start aging as early as 30 years of age. An early skincare regime will aid in prolonging and maintaining our skin’s health. Sagging skin is also caused by the lack of beauty and medical treatments to stimulate collagen synthesis. When the loss of collagen is greater than the stimulation of new ones, our skin loses its tightness and youthfulness, resulting in loose sagging skin.

It is found that constantly looking at our mobile devices can lead to sagging in the neck area. “Research found that this treatment reduces wrinkles by 18% and moreover, 3 hours after application, the skin appears 24% firmer and more revitalized,” enthused Patrick. 

Besides the event launch, We also get to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by Rama V.

The product’s special ingredient lies in its anti-aging technology “ProGEN-in”. The home care product kit comprises three products - the V-Shape Anti-Gravity Serum, the V-Shape Anti-Gravity Cream, and the V-Shape contouring mask - all combining to offer benefits including an immediate tightening effect and lifting action, a firming action, defining the facial oval, reducing the volume of the double chin, as well as the wrinkles in this area. For this exclusive launch, a V-Shape Lifting Roller has been included to achieve the best facial results.

“To achieve optional results with SKEYNDOR’s Global Lift, apply the Serum and Cream twice a day, every morning and night. To complete the treatment, apply the V-Shape Mask once a week, after using the Serum and before using the Cream. It is key that the mask remains well attached to the chin for 20 to 25 minutes of exposure,” advised Margaret. 

I definitely can't wait to use SKEYNDOR Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care at home. Because I can definitely feel my double chin starts to sag especially when I'm in my 30s now. I hope to achieve the results after using their products. If you are also struggling with the issue of double chin and/or fine line, do check out SKEYNDOR skincare line products which definitely have products that are suitable for your skin concern.

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About Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care
About Unique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd was Established in 2013 by Co-Founder, Executive Director Bryan Hew, and Patrick Sha. The company’s philosophy is built on the foundation of enterprising spirit and innovation within the beauty care arena, focussing on the distribution of quality skin, body, and spa care products to the professional sector comprising beauty salons, day spas, and hotel resort operators.

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