As we start to age and appearance of a double chin due our skin starts to feel sagging. But it's not just that the skin's underlying structure is breaking down over time, this is what we call aging. It robs our skin of its youthful plumpness and resilience. Our skin then renews itself at a much slower pace than it used to. There is also sun damage, weight changes, and other factors that also add to this, and you'll see your skin sag. And before you know it, droopy jowls will make an appearance.  

Murad introduces this new Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment which is effective in treating skin concerns with safe, clinically proven, and cruelty-free products. This new Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment contains one of the most efficacious forms of Vitamin A which is a  powerful treatment that dramatically lifts and improves sagging skin using retinal.

Clinically proven to tackle significant signs of advanced aging by visibly lifting necks/jowl sagging and increasing elasticity, it will smoothen deep-set wrinkles and crepey skin -- what we call skin with a thin, wrinkled surface that resembles crepe paper.

"It is encapsulated in a delivery system that's adapted from technology used in pharmaceutical applications, which enables the Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment to provide enhanced stability and targeted delivery deep into the skin's surface for 2.5 times more effectiveness, as compared to free retinal, while still being gentle on the skin," explains Murad's Asia Pacific Education Director Katy Bacon.

The treatment is also supercharged with next-generation complementary ingredients -- Kangaroo paw flower and olive leaf extracts that help improve saggy appearance, smooth wrinkles and support resilience, with oat lipids and alpha glucan that help replenish ceramides (lipids that are found naturally in high concentrations in the uppermost layers of the skin) to increase moisture and restore the skin's barrier. 

The net effect is dramatic, transformative results in just two weeks of use for sagging and crepey skin, with improved skin elasticity in about four weeks of use. Its nourishing formula, which is good for balanced, oily, dry, or combination skin -- will leave you feeling supple, soft, and moisturized. 

Focus Ingredients

Encapsulated retinal: Murad retinal is encapsulated in an exclusive delivery system for enhanced stability and targeted delivery deep within the skin’s surface while still being gentle on the skin 

Kangaroo paw flower extract: Helps improve the appearance of sagging skin and smooths wrinkles, giving a sculpted and lifted look to the skin.

Olive, oat, and alpha glucan: Work together to support the skin’s resilience, boost moisture, restore the skin’s barrier, and counter traditional vitamin A drawbacks like dryness and irritation.

Murad's Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment will be available for sale from June 1, 2023, at all Murad outlets, as well as at, where it will retail at RM598. To learn more about this product, check out:

I can't wait to try out this new Murad's latest Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment which will provide amped-up results and corrective benefits for more advanced signs of aging while nurturing and restoring the skin's protective barrier.

About Murad

In 1989, Dr. Murad founded Murad, Inc., the first brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high-performance skincare. Soon after in May of 1990, Dr. Murad launched his “skincare revolution” at a speaking engagement at Esthetics’ West Expo. His manifesto was simple: “Skincare is healthcare.” His vision was to bring skincare professionals of all stripes together to work as a team, using scientifically proven formulas and technologies, to help people achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin ever. 

For more than 30 years, Murad has been committed to developing clinically proven, cruelty-free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy, and care you’d expect from a doctor. Plus, they’re supported by Dr. Murad’s industry-first research for the most advanced formulas that don’t just consider a symptom or concern, but rather address total skin health.

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