Been resting well the last few days at home, cleaning my house, and gathering with friends and family. Feels like time passes so fast and here we are in 2024. By the time I draft and post this, it should be 2024 already. So Happy New Year 🥳 to more blessings and happiness for the year 2024.
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Still scrolling back through my old outfit post with my blonde hair. Starting to miss my light-colored hair already, should I go back to light-colored? I still have a lot of outfit posts to go through but also will I ever get tired of wearing nice and taking photos then later updating my blog. Yes or no? Thinking about slowing down on my spending but saving more money for travels and more valuable stuff.

This is after two months of my blonde hair look. I still really like this blonde hair look which looks a light wash of blonde. My hair also grew so fast that my black hair roots came out a lot. Also, I like how I look in curled hair; curly wavy hair creates more volume and style.

We waited for a while for this seat to empty and we sat here for a quick ootd shot! But now when I look at the photos I feel like we took until quite random and none of the shots is consistent.

I like this small hole where the cats will come in for rest and hideout. Then I forced my husband to shoot me here because I think is cute.

This sporty top has a zipper that can be fully zipped or left unzipped, creating different styles and looks. I love how versatile it is, allowing me to pair it with various outfits. I prefer buying sets that fit, so I can mix and match with different bottoms for unique looks.

I really like this sporty outfit that I bought from Daddy and the Muscle Academy when I went to Bangkok in February. This set is my favorite purchase because I put in a lot of effort to get it. Unfortunately, I accidentally dyed it and had to buy it again. I definitely spend a lot of money on repurchasing clothes that I accidentally dye with other colors.

This sporty set comes in this elastic band with their logo written on it. I rarely wear this kind of fit, and when I try it I really like it because it suits my body and looks nice on me. But I also thinking about how to wear and match this sporty set, I wear my favorite Nike dunk sneakers and my recent purchase of this bag to complete this sporty look.

I like this shot of me with my husband!

Next, we went to this really nice retail shop and tried out some new sunglasses that I had wanted to try and purchase. I bought the same sunglasses model but in a different color.

Take some ootd shots with my new sunglasses after I buy them! I also haven't worn this pair of sunglasses because also unsure when and where to wear them. Maybe I can wear it during my Hatyai trip coming soon? Haha

End my post with some cute cat photos that I took at Spring Spring Cafe.

Outfit Details
Sporty Set | Daddy and the Muscle Academy
Sneakers | NIKE

Spring Spring Cafe
Garden, 61A, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount, 
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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