We are here at this entertaining and colorful space where a lot of youngsters like to come here to take photos and chill for the whole afternoon. Especially this cafe on the first floor has this very vintage design, a popular spot to take photos. We spend like two hours here taking photos in this whole community space area.
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The G floor here is also very nice to take photos. They have a small swimming pool where people would come to take photos too. There are also some cafes where people come and enjoy some coffee to chill for the whole afternoon.

We move up to the first floor where the Gump Ari sign logo is here. This whole area is in red and white vintage vibes which I really like. It has the 90s old American cafe vibes and everyone likes to come here to take photos. We didn’t go into the cafe for any food but just took a lot of photos outside the cafe.

When we are here in Bangkok for our trip. We randomly shop at the December store which offers a lot of affordable and nice clothing. We decided to also get ourselves a bff outfit from the store. This knit top which is not too thick or thin, we get ourself different colors. The skort that we bought is also quite a nice piece, the front part is designed in pleated skirt design and the inside is a pants design! 

Took more solo photos with the cafe here! I'm wearing my Sailormoon earrings that I have not been wearing for so long. One side of the earring actually fell apart and I did not manage to continue to wear it. I really like how the Sailormoon clay earrings that I specially customize from a local handmade clay earring shop.

This corner with the Hong Kong train station wall paper also super fun to take photos of.

I really like my outfit as well, the orange and beige color skort quite matches the whole colorful vibes at GUMP's Ari. I don't usually wear orange color fit because of my sweaty armpit. I bring a lot of my green Gentlewoman tote bag and have never been able to take ootd photos with it. So here we go so many colors that I wear and have in this ootd look.

The front side shot is also quite nice for taking photos! We basically shoot all our photos using a tripod and spend a really long time in this community space.

Film photo of the day!

They have a photo booth here which is also quite colorful. I feel like I have been liking all the colorful corners here at GUMP's Ari.

One shot here cuz feeling this corner is cute!

Lastly, we also took photos here when we saw others also taking photos here. Overall this GUMP’s Ari Community Space is a very nice place to take photos because each corner is so photo-worthy! And there are a lot of people here as well for cafe hopping and taking photos too.

Outfit Details
All from DECEMBER in Bangkok

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GUMP’s Ari Community Space
25 Ari 4 Fang Nua Alley, แขวงพญาไท Phaya Thai, 
Bangkok 10400, Thailand


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