Finally wants to start to blog about our girl's trip to Kuching! This is my first time traveling to Kuching. The plan was quite last minute and I am pretty excited about the trip. Although it is not a complete four of us together, it is still a fun and enjoyable trip. One thing I definitely miss the most is the food in Kuching! 
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Our lunch at Uncle Teck's Kopitiam when we first landed at Kuching. The rice is a try though! It's one of their signature dishes to order when you are here. The chicken and the rice are quite fragrant and delicious.

First stop we managed to stop by the famous cat statue at Kuching. Need to take a group photo to ๆ‰“ๅก! The cat's paint is quite worn off but still, many people come here to take photos.

Our hotel for 3 nights at Hock Lee Hotel & Residences๐Ÿ˜ Didn't much recommend this hotel, but most importantly the hotel is good for us to rest and shower.

After we checked in, we decided to just walk around the town. We first walked to Chinatown, then to the General Post Office, and nearby also got to The Old Court House, there was one cafe at first we thought of eating there, but the Commons Cafe was closed for now. 

Since the cafe closed, we returned to the Chinatown area to have Chicken rice - Aladdin Chicken Rice. The Chicken is served fried and is really quite crispy and nice!

After our late lunch, we walk around the Kuching Waterfront to take some tourist photos. The sky is clear, and we were able to take some nice photos with the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly from far away as well.

This mosque beside the Kuching Waterfront is also very pretty! There's a bridge over for tourists to walk and visit the Kuching Waterfront. We only manage to walk half of it, the bridge is quite tall and for people like me who are afraid of height, it can be quite challenging.

Photo with the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly and the Sarawak flag ๐Ÿ˜Š

After dinner, we also go to Gula Apong IG Ice Cream which is nearby to the Waterfront. This is a very famous ice cream here, after ordering you will need to wait for around 15-20 minutes. We ordered their classic brown sugar flavor one! It tastes really good and refreshing.

Happy 60th Year to Sarawak!

Later we have dinner at this Bla Bla Bla restaurant which is introduced by a relative of Carinn's husband. The food portion is huge and we have a delightful dinner. Obviously, we can't finish all the food, and take away the noodle.

You can enjoy some of their signature dishes as per the menu board!

The night view at Kuching Waterfront is so pretty! We come here again after dinner since we are still nearby. Since when we are here is near to the Merdeka celebration, and 2023 is the 60th-year celebration of Sarawak hence we get to see the colorful night light of Sarawak State Legislative Assembly.

The next morning we have also a full day ahead of us, we went to Choon Hui Cafe as they have really nice local food like Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa, and more. The Sarawak Laksa is quite good! We also stumbled upon this popiah small stall and surprisingly their popiah was really delicious, so we ordered another one for takeaway.

Our next itinerary is to Bako National Park, which is one of the places that I want to go. We first go to the jetty, we have some issues finding the correct jetty but eventually, we manage to find it. You may search for Bako National Park Carpark and Boat Jetty for the car pack and ticket counter location.

The price of the boat transfer is quite expensive but it can fetch up to 5 persons max. We are lucky because we have one couple join us and we can share the boat fee. In total, we only pay RM60 per pax for the boat transfer, National Park entrance fee, and visit to the special sea stake that is a bit further.

Along the way to the Bako National Park, we managed to stop at a few nice places to take photos as well.

Batman face rock.

All the stones here have been rainwashed to different shapes. 

Finally, we were able to visit this special sea stack that I want to visit! Too bad that the weather that day is so gloomy that we don’t have blue skies.

This sea stack fell down like 2-3 months ago. I guess we are lucky to see it during our trip to Kuching, Sarawak in September 2023. The boat is quite shaky when it stops here for us to take photos. We just take turns moving to the front for photo taking in the boat.

Here we finally reach the Bako National Park entrance. Before reaching the entrance, there’s a short walking journey on bare foot because it is low tide hence the boat can reach nearby to the entrance. 

There are few trails for visitors to choose and hike but then since we are just having casual activities. We are advised to take the shortest hiking trails.

We chose the shortest and easiest trail but we only managed to walk halfway through because the weather was too hot around 12 - 1pm and don’t have any animals for the lookout. The proboscis monkey is one of the famous animals in Bako National Park.

Low tide and hot weather, so you could see the dry land here.

Photo of us walking through the hiking trails.

Here’s a photo of me barefoot walking back to the boat.

Super windy and hot weather in the boat, with my pretty girls.

After back from Bako National Park, we were sooo hungry and we went to lunch at Lepau Restaurant which is one of the famous Sarawakian restaurants that must try here! 

We ordered some of their famous dishes Kacangma Chicken, Asam Terung Dayak, Fish Umai, Midin - one of Sarawak must try vegetables, and Wrapped Bario Rice. They have deep-fried sago worm but we don’t dare to try it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Indoor Bidayu house where is one of the traditional housestays in Sarawak.

After lunch, we decided to visit some museums in Kuching. Too bad that the Cat museum is closed due to they have some events outside. Ended up going to the Borneo Cultures Museum, during that time it was super heavy rain, and very hard to find parking. We got a bit of rain and a short amount of time to visit the whole museum but we still managed to speed things up and visit the museum. 

Ticket price for entry. Worth it? Definitely for first-timers! You get to learn a lot about Sarawak's history and culture.

For dinner, since one of my friends got rain and is not feeling well. We decided to order dinner at this famous seafood restaurant, just nice they are in Grab and super convenient for us to order. The restaurant name that we ordered is Top Spot Stall No 25.

Lucky us we also got free upgrade crab because the crab that we ordered didn’t have stock. I really enjoyed the dinner, with all the food and seafood we ordered. It was the most delicious meal I had at Kuching period! The deep-fried crispy lala is so good! The crabs and prawns that we ordered are very fresh as well.

Last day after checking out, we decided to visit the cat statue and take some photos.

We have nice weather for the morning that day. We use a tripod to take our group photos. Around this cat statue, there are flowers and a plantation which is well-taken care and we took a lot of nice photos here.

Next, we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant for breakfast - Huan Loke Cafe. This restaurant is Carinn’s husband's relative introduced this to us and to be honest, I prefer this restaurant kolo me. The noodles are quite special and the taste is really appetizing! Even the chicken rice meat is very juicy and tastes good.

Managed to take a photo of the restaurant before we left.

Later we shopping around the town area for souvenirs as well.

Next, we plan to visit Taman Sahabat, the Kuching Friendship Park, because it is home to the largest Chagee store in all of Malaysia. The park itself is beautifully decorated with Chinese-inspired decor, and it was built as a tribute to the strong friendship between Malaysia and China.

The weather is really good and we managed to take some nice photos of the blue sky. Behind is the Chagee store, but we park at the entrance of the park hence we need to walk to the other side where the Chagee is located.

I am really amazed by how pretty this Chagee store is!! I love the interior and exterior with the Chinese traditional style all around. The seating area inside is also very big and comfortable ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป We managed to order and take away some drinks as well.

While we were hungry and rushing to our next destination, we stopped by Sin Chong Choon Cafe. We managed to order Sarawak Laksa and the Three Layer Milk Tea, both of which were quite good! The prawns served with the Laksa were incredibly fresh, and the drinks were refreshing - we couldn't stop drinking them.

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After the quick lunch, we travel for 1 hour here at Sarawak Cultural Village. The ticket can be bought online and it’s like RM10 cheaper than you bought from the spot. You can purchase via here with RM85 per entrance for one person.

The whole place is quite big! But we are quite rushed because our flight is at around 8pm that night. We set our time to leave at 5pm. We still manage to watch the 4pm show in the Sarawak Cultural Village - highly recommend it!

When we first walk in we go to the left and the first village is Chinese Farmhouse. It was literally just like that Kampung house at my Grandma's house.

The whole cultural village is surrounded by trees and there is one big pond in the middle as well.

The next house we visit is the Malay Village house.

I like the view from here.

Later we get to try this Bamboo dance (Tatiana Magunatip) which is a famous traditional dance in Sarawak.

The first time I saw all these Sarawak Traditional houses, I had to take a photo in front of the house! Feeling quite lucky with the good weather that we have,

To go up to this Melanau Tall House, we need to climb a very tall staircase that can be quite scary because the space between each step is quite wide. The staircase I show is considered a normal modern staircase, but they have even old, small, and steep staircases from the other side.

We pass by to this small hut which sells all kinds of old keris and swords.

Next, we visit Orang Ulu Long House, the house is very tall up high and you need to climb up the staircase which I think is quite a long way up to the house.

This is the staircase that is old and quite steep, it can be quite scary because the steps are quite small and only allow for one foot to step on it.

We also noticed that there are some empty rooms for tourists to book and stay as well!

We saw this Rumah Penan, but we didn't visit it further.

Next stop we went to Iban Longhouse which is one of the houses that I am most excited about. Seriously the house is very long and quite fun to visit!

We get to visit so many small rooms as well.

It's fascinating to witness how the older generation used to create traditional art that often took several months to complete a single masterpiece. I doubt that the younger generation today possesses the same level of patience and attention to detail as their predecessors. Creating such artwork requires an immense amount of skill, perseverance, and hard work.

The last house that we visit is the Bidayuh Longhouse.

We get to try how they grind rice using the traditional way as well.

The interior highlight of Bidayuh Longhouse.

After we visit the last house of Bidayuh Longhouse, we rush to see the 4pm performance show which is near the start entrance area. We also stumble at this bridge where people challenge and walk as well,

The whole interior map of Sarawak Cultural Village,

We were quite late to the show but to be honest, I genuinely enjoyed the show very much! There are so many interesting dances from different cultures in Sarawak that I get to know and watch. I feel grateful also that I can still able to watch and enjoy the cultural performance that they perform. I highly recommend that first-timers visit Kuching, Sarawak to also come visit Sarawak Cultural Village to witness and enjoy the traditions of Sarawak.

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Day 1

Reach Kuching > Uncle Teck's Kopitiam (Lunch) > Cat Statue > Hock Lee Hotel & Residences (Checked-in) > Chinatown > General Post Office > The Old Court House > Aladdin Chicken Rice > Kuching Waterfront > Sarawak State Legislative Assembly > Gula Apong IG Ice Cream > Bla Bla Bla Restaurant (Dinner) > Kuching Waterfront

Day 2

Choon Hui Cafe (Breakfast) > Bako National Park > Lepau Restaurant (Lunch) > Borneo Cultures Museum > Top Spot Stall No.25 (Dinner)

Day 3

Cat Statue (Main) > Huan Loke Cafe (Breakfast) > Kuching Town > Taman Sahabat > Chagee Store > Sin Chong Choon Cafe (Lunch) > Sarawak Cultural Village > Kuching Airport > Back Malaysia

That's all for our 3-day 2-night trip in Sarawak. Hope you guys enjoy the post, one of the things that I miss the most is definitely their food. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Till Then.


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