My first visit to the Museum in another country Bangkok! Sometimes I'm quite proud of myself because even though I have been to Bangkok many times, I can still explore new places. Honestly, I still miss Bangkok so much because there are other things I want to explore and eat. My next plan to Bangkok is to stay near IconSiam to enjoy the sunset view of the river.

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We bought the tickets on the spot. As the museum was near the airport, we brought our luggage, and the staff kindly helped us store it. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA BANGKOK) has four floors, each with a different theme. We spent 2-3 hours exploring the exhibits before heading to the airport. The admission ticket for the public is 280 THB.

With my bff as well. This time I visited Bangkok due to work, and my friend tagged me along. I also managed to visit around Bangkok before heading back to Malaysia.

My favorite red wall corner. The museum has this red wall with stunning artwork. Recently I fell in love with red, it is a color which is so sharp and easily captures the eyes of everyone. I’m wearing this black skirt which has this pretty dye that I really like. When I pose here in front of the red wall, I think it creates a nice contrast and shows off my outfit better.

Some of the corners in the Museum. Most of the corner in the museum is covered with white walls with beautiful paintings and artwork.

I like colorful walls and want to take photos whenever I see painted walls. 

Taking photos here as if I’m walking on the road from the painting.

We managed to ask someone to help us take photos together in the museum. If you feel uninspired or not sure how to pose or take pictures, you can always search social media to find some inspiration on where people take nice photos and how they pose for photos. 

I like to be prepared also to check out the places I want to go. Including planning outfits, what corners to nice photos, etc. To ensure I don’t miss out on any nice corner to take photos! Although I can be quite persistent then also I’m quite flexible if encounter any issues that can’t be avoided. I notice that my fat belly pops up as well in the photos haha hope that does not bother you guys on this. 😁

This pose and photo idea is also where we research and realize that it is quite nice to take photos! I don’t really try other kinds of photo angles for photos, but if I find some new ideas and angles and turns out the photos are quite nice, I’m really happy with the outcome. I enjoy exploring and finding new ideas that would benefit me🫶🏻

I don't want to take a photo here but just noticed that the photo here looks so pretty because of the white background. I look slimmer also the whole look here in the photo.

Some of the Museum corners that I like.

Besides red and blue color painted walls, they also have some pastel color painted walls as well. We took quite a lot of photos here as well.

I really like this seating which is quite vintage-looking. This outfit that I wore is I match myself because it is supposed to be a black cheongsam top and skirt. But I just wore it separately, I wear the top with jeans as a normal working outfit, and I wear a bra top with the skirt itself. I quite like how I mix and match to a different outfit and I really love this skirt because of the pattern which makes the fit look more classy and nice!

I have been seeing people sharing about this tunnel passage in the museum and thinking where is it located! And here we are, taking some nice photos before we go into the passage.

This photo is so nice and it feels like we are in some dimensional of the world. You know whenever I'm in Bangkok, Bangkok never fails to amaze me each time when I visit. This Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA BANGKOK) is definitely more than what I expected how an art museum should be.

This is the outer of the walk passage after we walk passed it.

Another pathway.

Some of the random shots that I think are very nice.

 I always bring my micro COS bag with me to match this outfit. I like that it's small but can fit all of my essentials. Whenever I think of a small black bag, this micro COS bag comes to mind. Recently, I have bought a lot of puffy bags. They are comfortable, spacious, and versatile enough to match with a lot of fun outfits.

This is another room that comes in this pretty vintage green color which is also up to my liking. The interior inside here is like those old English vibes, with green and a touch of gold color. We also took a lot of photos in this room. The whole museum is very quiet and not much of crowds. Especially in this room, it feels really silent and we need to lower our voices.

This sofa is vintage and pretty! I can't stop myself from taking so many nice photos with the sofas when we are here in this room.

A corner wall photo is a must-take photo corner when I'm in this Museum.

This arch is so beautiful! We even took BFF photos together here because this arch is so pretty!

One last place that we are here for is this full white floor with a gorgeous staircase and escalator. I have been seeing a lot of people shoot reels here. I also created a reel on my Instagram as well.

I really love the angle of this photo, which shows the escalator and the full white staircase. The all-white background makes the space look spacious and elegant. I rode the escalator twice to capture some nice photos of the entire area.

Hope you guys like this post just as much as I do! It’s been a while since I can take soooo many photos in one place without having to worry about it. On top of that, this place is really so pretty and I love it so much!

Outfit Details
Top + Skirt from Taobao
Bag from COS Store

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA BANGKOK)
499 Kamphaeng Phet 6 Rd, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

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