While I still had 2 more OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts to finish from my Bangkok trip, I just realized that I also visited Bangkok in February 2024. I don't know when I will have time to edit and start planning my posts, but after I finish the 2023 version, I plan to blog about the itinerary and things to do in Bangkok. It will be quite a workload because I need to plan and think of the best and fun things to do, visit, and eat in Bangkok! Nevertheless, I still have yet to visit all the places or eat all the food I want to in Bangkok.

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This is my third time going to Bangkok, finally, I can visit this cafe that I wanted to visit. I am not sure why at this point, I have wanted to do cafe hopping to enjoy the cafe ambient and take nice OOTD photos in different countries. Whereas if I'm in KL, I feel quite restless recently to visit or go anywhere that interests me. haha!

The foods and drinks we ordered ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

This cafe decor is very cute and bright. It makes people happy when you visit here. The decor is in muji neutral style, and they have their own mascot. To be honest, I think that this cafe's marketing is very good. They are very active on IG and they have a lot of ideas for promoting the store and trying different selling points.

While I edit my photos, it is quite challenging because the whole store is brown and yellowish. My usual photo editing style color is always in a warm tone. I need to tweak down the orangey tone color while I edit all the photos I took inside the cafe. The inside of the cafe is quite small, but they have a spacious outdoor area where you can also sit and enjoy their food.

Anyway even though the cafe is small, I still managed to take a lot of OOTD photos here in all of the corners that I like.

I like the side seating here with the wooden stool and the white curtain which makes the corner quite dreamy. 

The last corner of the photos I took inside the cafe. Near the cashier, there's also a nice photo booth where you can go in and take some nice photos. But we didn't go try, hence I couldn't show you the photo booth corner.

After finishing our meal, we went outside and took a lot of photos. There's a seating area that feels like a picnic spot, where guests can sit and enjoy the cafe food. However, I feel that sitting outdoors can be quite hot in Bangkok.

This doodle dress I bought from one of my favorite local design shops! I have been shopping a lot from the shop, although I stopped for a while but on and off I have been quite tempted to try their new clothes. This dress is in pastel yellow which is not the color I always had tried. At first, I was not sure what size I should have tried, but I went to their store at Kedai KL and decided to buy an L size which I wear more comfortably.

Since I have flabby arms, I wear a thin white outer to cover. It kinda made the outfit looks more cohesive. However this outer is kinda tight now, I would need to get one size up outer next time. But I really like the cutting of the outer that matches this dress really nicely.

Besides, when I bought the dress, they did a promotion of selling this purple bag which I kinda like. Since I wanted the dress and bag, I was really lucky that they came out with this promotion which I can get both of the clothes that I wanted.

This seating place with the pink roses is also a famous seating place where people like to take photos. We also managed to take some nice and fun photos here.

Here's my full ootd that I wear to the cafe. This cafe door is also where people come here to take photos! I really love this cafe, it feels like you are in Korea because of the minimal decor but also with pretty garden as well. I wore a cute pair of socks and my nude new balance sneakers to complete this look. 

My usual orangey shades of edit. Hope you like this ootd look that I'm really enjoying because I wear my favorite dress in a cafe that matches this dress so well. At a point, even though I will just wear simply sometimes when the outfit matches and goes well with the place, I will be even happier and grateful!

240 Charoen Nakhon 10 Alley, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600, Thailand

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